Let’s Start All Over!

I believe I have finally reconstructed most of my previous blog.  There may still be parts missing but it’s time to move on to what it is now.

The two things that I am most involved in now are reading and reviewing Science Fiction Books and buying new gadgets, i.e., computers and tablets.

If you can’t find my science fiction book reviews, it’s because I’ve moved them to a new blog.  Please check out SFBookPortal.com.

“All My Gadgets” needs some real attention.  I have been remiss in updating this with a lot of new stuff I have bought and will be buying pretty soon.  I need to get on with doing that.

The “Day in the Life…” is kind of winding down.  I don’t have a very exciting life since I’m just a retiree but there may be something I can add to it from time to time.

My “Paracord Stuff” blog didn’t fare too well.  I sold a few hundred in Enid, OK, but since then I haven’t done anything but make and collect them.  Now that I still have almost 1,000 paracord bracelets, I’ve stopped making them, duh!

Unfortunately, I’ve had a few more “Medical Adventures”.  I’m sure everyone really wants to here about those.  Give me time.  I’ll get something written about the latest two ordeals!

Anyway, you’ve got enough to read if you do visit my site.  And I thank you for reading anything on any of these blogs.

If you would like to leave a comment on anything I’ve written, please feel free to do so.

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