What’s Happening Now?

It’s about time I gave everyone an update just in case you haven’t heard directly from either my wife or me.  I kind of doubt that since it seems the house is all we’ve been talking about for the last month or two!

Ok, so where are we now?  Well, there has been a lot done since I last wrote.  The house is clearly a house.  We’ve got some nice tile laid throughout the house and it looks pretty good.  They have gone in and painted all the walls and put in crown molding in the formal dining room.  Everything looks just great.

Kitchen cabinetsWe also have cabinets, lots of cabinets.  We chose a dark wood so they look very rich!  We have cabinets in all the bath rooms over the toilets and all the bathroom vanities are also in the same color.  There’s a very nice while marble counter top on all the guest bathrooms while the master bath room has the same dark granite that we choose for the kitchen.

When we saw the granite in the kitchen the first time, it was covered in plastic.  The other day when we went back into the house, it had been completely uncovered.  Also, all the plumbing has been installed.  We have some really deep sinks in the kitchen.  They are stainless steel and under-mounted so you can’t even see them unless you look down into the sink.

New sink new graniteAll or most all of the electrical work has been done, light switches are in and I guess they’re working but I don’t know since they haven’t actually turned on the electricity. I do know it gets very hot in the house without most of the windows open.

Oh, yeah, they put in the drive way and sidewalk up to the house.  We have only one step up from the sidewalk to the house which I had clearly stated was acceptable.  Not two or three, but one!  I wasn’t all that serious but I think the Wilshire Home people took me as such.  Still, I like the idea we only have one step.  Oh, and the hot water heaters have also been installed.  We saw those just yesterday and my wife even turned on the water!

With everything that has been done, we are really getting close to having a completed house, rather we are getting close to having a home!  We got a call from Andy Cobb, our Wilshire Home salesman and he talked with the construction manager, Matt, and they have decided the house would be done probably by the end of August!  Wow!  That’s great!

closingdaySo, we’re looking at a closing date of about 4 September which is the middle of the first week in September.  That will work out perfectly.  We are committed to the apartment until 26 September and our household goods are paid up in storage until the end of September.  So, I think we’ll take our time moving.

We had someone out to measure the windows yesterday.  We were at the house for about an hour and a half and it was hot.  The guy said he needed to measure every window and he did just that, measured every single window in the house!  Whew!  I almost melted by the time he got done!  Monday we have another appointment at around 2:30 pm for another window measurement session.  It’s going to be a hot appointment since it’s been about 103 degrees around here lately.  I know the A/C unit hasn’t been installed at the house yet so there’s no way to keep it from being pretty hot in the house.

Soon, I think they’ll put in the carpet.  We have yet to see that or feel the lush pad that we’re having installed.  And they haven’t installed the hard wood floor in my study.  So there’s still a few key things that have to be done.  But we’re almost there, almost!

Oh, yeah, they scrapped the paint from the windows on my study door!  I have two very nice looking French doors going into my study and my wife has two going into her sewing room.  These are very classy and just set everything off nicely!  They fixed the pantry by putting shelves on all three sides.  You can still walk in but now we have storage all around which is the best way to use that space.  And we had noticed there wasn’t an actual linen closet in the master bathroom.  We asked about that and they built us a bunch of storage shelves right in the master closet.  They also added another entire hanging shelf all around the closet in the master closet.  Now we have room to hang shirts up top and pants just below.  That’s really going to be neat and convenient.  Seems like Wilshire Homes is doing everything we are asking them to do and so far, they haven’t charged us any extra money.  Of course none of the stuff we’ve asked about probably cost them much anyway!

Ok, so that’s where we are now.  Getting very, very close to having a house again and getting out of this claustrophobic apartment! Help! Help! Get me out of here!!!!

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