What’s Ahead?

calendarNow we’re all caught up.  What you have been reading about are the events that have taken place since way back in December of 2012 when we first decided to sell our house and find a new one.  Boy, what a decision that was.  But, it was one we felt like we had to make sooner or later or should I say, the sooner the better or I could just say “Boomer Sooners” and just shut up!

Anyway, this is a post about what’s coming up, as far as I know.  Right now in mid-April, wow, it’s already 15 April, we’re waiting for the builder, Wilshire Homes, to call and ask us to come and see the newly drawn floor plans and discuss them with the construction manager.  This meeting is supposed to ensure that he knows about all the changes that we wanted made and that the right changes have been actually incorporated into the new designs.  This is not a bad idea.  We did make some slight changes so we want to be sure they get it done right.

The only thing is, we’ve been waiting for this meeting for about a week. But, like I said, we need to make sure we get this done right because we only get one chance.

Today, Andy Cobb, the Customer Service Representative, we’ll call him our Salesman, called to say the new blueprints came in but they were wrong!  They had put a wall in the wrong place and the construction manager knew it right off the bat.  So back to Houston they went for a rush re-do. Now we wait some more.  I think we’ll be doing this a lot the next six months.

Once we see and approve the new floor plans, I suppose they will actually begin doing something with the lot.  Right now it’s just a vacant lot with a “Sold” sign stuck near the front.  Hasn’t changed since we saw it the last time.

foundation 1Of course, once they start clearing the lot, then comes the foundation.  Here they put in all the plumbing and stuff that has to come up from the ground and then they pour concrete around sandbags and stuff that make up the foundation.  Don’t know how long that takes but it’s done pretty quickly.

Once the foundation is set and we can walk on it, we’ll really get a good idea of how much square footage we’ll actually get.  Then they’ll start putting up the frame.  This is the confusing part because I have no idea what boards go where so I hope the construction guy gets it right.  Oh, we’ll be able to tell where a wall is and a door goes but it will be fun to just see the framing go up and imagining what a finished room will look like.

roofingAfter most of the framing gets done, the roof will be put on and then it will look like a house, almost. They should be putting the insides of the walls together, in other words, putting up sheetrock and stuff like that.  They’ll start hanging some doors and it will begin to look like a real house.

framingI have no idea how long it will be between these steps but it could be a week or up to two weeks depending on the weather and some what on materials.  Once the walls are up then they should start bringing in the cabinets and setting the toilets, the shower and the tubs.  All the hardware, faucets and stuff should come next.  The light fixtures will start going up and the A/C unit will be installed.  Of course, by now, CPS and SAWS should be out to turn on the electricity and the water.

carpetBy now we should be close to mid-Aug, we hope.  They’ll be calling us out to start looking the house over to make sure we see the right things being done.  I think they will also call us to look over the framing but I’m not sure.  We get to walk through our house and see it almost finished.  They’ll be working on the yard now and putting in the sprinkler system and maybe planting some trees.  If we have to have stairs from the back patio to the yard, they’ll be built now.

Finally, sometime in mid-September, we’ll get a call asking us to come check out the house after we’ve had our own inspector do his inspection.  All the things he found will be noted and we’ll walk through the house with the construction manager marking down things we see that need to be fixed.  Most of this stuff is cosmetic.  Then, about a week before closing, we’ll be invited to take a final, fantastic walk through our newly completed house.  All the granite countertops will have been installed, all the appliances are now in place and every thing is freshly painted and brand new.

Shortly after that, we’ll go to closing and we get the keys!  Hurray!  Now it’s moving time again!

new houseSo, that’s how I see things happening through most of the summer.  I’ll keep writing about our experiences but only as they happen so don’t expect something every day.

Oh, and a special thanks to my beautiful wife, Ramona, who has expertly proof-read each and every one of these blogs before I can release them.  You wouldn’t want to have read them otherwise.

And thank you for reading my blog.

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