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Our New House 2014Well, it’s taken me longer to finish this blog than it has to build a new house!  I kind of quit right there at the end.  Must have gotten busy or something.  I’m going to try and get this updated and finished without boring you too much.  Needless to say a lot has happened since my last entry.

We closed on the new house on 5 Sept.  Everything went like a charm.  It was hot that day.  We had gone over to the other side of town to buy a new refrigerator and then had a 1:00 pm appointment back at the title office.  We figured we could make it over and back and have some time for lunch.  Andy wanted to meet us at the house around 2:30 or something like that.  He had our keys which is surprising.  I figured they’d give them to us at closing.

Anyway, we got the fridge bought and was heading back to the title office when Erica called and said the title company was running late finishing off the paperwork.  We said we kind of knew that since they hadn’t give us a final closing cost number which we were waiting on.  We had to go to the bank and get a check for whatever amount they wanted but they had to tell us first!

So the meeting was pushed back to 1:30 and around 1:15 or so Erica called back and told us they have our closing cost number.

We said, “Wow! That’s too much! We can’t do it!”

Justing kidding!  We took that number and went to the bank near the title company and they proceeded to cut us a check.  That took a little longer than expected so by the time we got out of there it was a little past 1:30.  We got to the title company quickly only to find out they were still not ready.

Just after 2 pm, they did call us into their offices and a nice and very knowledgable lady went through all the closing papers.  We signed about a hundred or so documents, gave them the check and said, “Thanks, we’re on our way to our new home!”

We got there and Andy was waiting for us in the driveway.  I pulled into my new driveway for the very first time!  That was nice.  Andy was there to give us the keys and do a walk-through the house telling us about anything that needed to be operated.  Unfortunately, they hadn’t turned the A/C on so it was extremely hot in the house.

We marveled at our new house and wondered what it would look like with all our stuff.  I think we stayed about an hour in the house then locked it up and went out for a celebratory dinner!

Moving, Again!  We had decided not to move until 14 Sept since our lease on the apartment wasn’t actually up until about the 25.  That would give us time to get everything that wasn’t still packed, packed and then a week or so afterwards to clean the apartment up.

So on 14 Sept, Monster Movers took everything out of the two storage units and brought them to the new house.  We were there, obviously, and planned on directing the movers where to put everything.  We wanted all the boxes to go into the right room so we wouldn’t have to be moving boxes around again.  Didn’t quite work out that way!

They have five movers and two trucks!  Once they started hauling stuff in, we quickly got overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we had just in storage.  Most of the big furniture got placed in the correct rooms but we gave up on directing individual boxes since they had them on dollies and all the boxes were mixed together.  We finally just started dumping everything in the dining room.

They got that done around noon. We all decided to go eat something and then meet at the apartment.  So at 1 pm we stared emptying the apartment.  Fortunately, this time, we had everything boxed and ready to go.  The movers got real busy loading up furniture and boxes and hauling them up and down the elevator.  Good thing it was working today!

They got the trucks loaded and the apartment empty so we headed back to the house.  It took about two more hours to get the two trucks unloaded.  Our new house was a mess but we were moved in!  Hurray!  It was about 7 pm so Ramona and I just drove to Sonic and got something to eat and brought it back to the new house.  We ate and went to bed!

This move was certainly tiring but no where near as bad as the first move.  I think we were ready this time.  We both agreed that we’ll not be doing this ever again!

Getting the House to Be a Home!  It is now the 4th of July 2014,  I can’t believe how time has flown since we’ve moved into this house.  We made all the little changes people do, hanging pictures, putting down rugs, putting up my OU stuff in my Study and just getting everything the way it should.  We celebrated Christmas 2013 in our house and had a lot of family over.  We’ve also gone through a birthday, mine, and locked it up and went on a two week trip.  It was very nice to come home to this house.

Our front yard is as green as it can be.  We’ve got Bob Jenkin’s Lawn Service making it that way and they’re doing a great job.  We have our yard guy, Marcus, cutting the grass and making the outside look very nice.  I think we are making a good impression on the neighbors although we’ve only met one, Heidi, who lives next door.  The lots on the other side of our house are still vacant but it looks like one has recently been sold.  We might have new neighbors in a year or so.

I don’t want to get into all the great things about the new house because I would prefer you to come and see them.  The house is certainly big enough for visitors although I’ll admit, it’s not all that big.  We have a very nice, although small, guest suite.  Yes, you’ll have your own full bathroom.  It’s also at the front of the house whereas ours is at the back so you can put the TV on as loud as you like and we won’t mind.

I think our house is now our home.

And with that, I’ll end this blog.  Thanks for reading it.  If you can stand my writing, I’m also blogging about other things and I invite you to read them also.

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