We Buy a House! A Big House!

We’re slowly getting things done and one of the biggest thing to do is move.  I’m not looking forward to that day!  It’s going to be a lot of hard work.  More on that later.

Before I get into moving, we did have to do one small thing prior to our actual move.  We had signed a 30 day contingency agreement with Wilshire Homes and now that 30 days were up.  We needed to either sign a real sales contract or do another contingency.  On the 9th of Feb, we decided to sign a sale contract for the Miami II house!  All that really meant is that we could now lock in the current price of the house and then get ready to pick out our options (upgrades).

Almost made to order houses.
Almost made to order houses.

Unfortunately, Andy Cobb, the Wilshire sales rep. informed us that the house we wanted just had a new price increase!  It went up a total of $10,000 due to lumber costs or at least that’s what he told us.  Well, that just about blew the whole thing!

Still, we went ahead and signed a contract at this new price because again he was saying that another price increase could be coming in as short as a month.  Now I don’t know if he was just blowing smoke or not.  I do know that a lot of houses in the area we’re going to build are not cheap.  I suppose they could raise the price anytime they wanted and we wouldn’t know why but I told Andy that any other price increases would just push us out the door.  He assured me that if we signed today, our price would be locked in even if a price increase on all the other Wilshire Homes was announced tomorrow.

Miami II without options 001One of the things that attracted us to the Wilshire Homes was that a lot of their standard features had been upgrades in our recently sold D. R. Horton home.  Things like granite counter tops were standard for Wilshire but we had to pay to upgrade to Wilsonart in the D. R. Horton home.  Tile in the entry and wet areas was also standard where as linoleum was standard for D. R. Horton and it cost us a bunch to upgrade to tile. Our floor plan had a three-car tandem garage, i.e, one car could park in front of another with the back two side-by-side.  I can’t remember all the other standard features that we recognized as upgrades in our previous house but Wilshire Homes also didn’t have a problem with changing the floor plan like moving walls and extending areas.  Of course they would charge you for doing so, but they would do it.  If you wanted a wall moved or put up in a D. R. Horton home, it just wasn’t allowed.  You gotthe standard floor plan with no changes.

So, we changed ours to give us some more room like we wanted.  If you look at the floor plan on the left and focus at the word “Breakfast”, you’ll see a window there and an open space between Bedroom 2 and the three car garage.  We had seen an almost finished version of this floor plan with that space filled in so we wanted to do the same thing.

Ramona needed a sewing room so instead of just trying to adapt one of the bedrooms, we would take out the wall of bedroom 2 and move the tandem garage wall back a ways to give her a really nice large space.  Plus she would get some more storage space so all of her stuff wouldn’t just be sitting out in the sewing room.

Miami II adjustedI also got part of the space in the garage to use for storage which was just perfect.  I only have one vehicle  so I certainly didn’t need space for three cars but I could use storage space.

So, here’s our version of the Miami II floor plan. This is going to be great!  Look at all that storage space in the garage.  And Ramona’s sewing room will be a perfect setup.  Not only is this house going to be huge but it will have all the rooms we’ve really wanted but never really had in our other homes.

Notice that the Guest Bedroom, bedroom #4 is a completely private suite with it’s own bathroom and walk-in closet. I haven’t figured out how much I’ll charge people to stay there! It’s gotta’ be a bunch since we’ve gotta’ pay this place off someday!

So this is the house we’re going to get built and live in for a long time.  It’s probably our very last house and I think we both know that.  We don’t think it will be too big because if all our family and friends do really want to visit, then we’re going to have the room for you.  That’s an open invitation to all of you reading this.  Come September or when ever we move in, you all have a place to stay if you want to visit San Antonio.

And I probably won’t charge you anything!  Ramona wouldn’t let me!  Darn!

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