The Horrible Aftermath – Caution Graphic – (7/4/10)

It is Saturday morning. This is the morning that I get to take the bloody bandages off my poor hand.

I know it’s going to be a terrible sight! Blood and cat guts every where; 3,000 or more stitches keeping the pieces of my hand together. It will be horrible! I don’t know if my fingers will just fall off or what. My bandage has been the only thing keeping my poor hand together for the last three days.

Slowly we unwrap Frankenstein’s own appendage! There is a ton of gauze packing covering my hand. It is soaked in blood, my blood! We have to pull and yank the stuck, blood soaked gauze pads from my incisions. I don’t know how my beautiful Wife can stand to be near this horrible mess of a hand, but she is a trooper! Finally, we have exposed the entire devastated hand to the elements. In the condition it is in now, I will have to definitely keep it away from the sight of little children. It’s really not even a sight for strong men!

There is a huge gash right down the middle of my palm. This single incision must be at least 20 inches long. There are hundreds of other incisions held together by what I don’t know. In the brief moment I can stand to look at it, I count over 500 stitches! There are numerous other incisions crisscrossing my palm one below each finger where they were re-attached. Some incisions are extremely deep, probably a foot or more. I swear I could see bone if it weren’t for the hideous stitches. Now I know what a baseball feels like!

I don’t know if my hand will stand to have running water rushing over it. I can see the stitches melting while I’m in the shower; my hand slowing coming apart before my very eyes. Well, I can imagine that happening even if it doesn’t.

Of course my dear Wife tells me that I am exaggerating everything! She says I’m really making a big deal of nothing.

GrossHa! I say! This is the hand of Frankenstein!

It feels better after my shower. I’m sure it smells a lot better too! I washed away some of the blood and stuff but it’s still not a pretty sight. My hand is pretty bruised. It’s purple front and back. I have some yellow coloring in quite a few places and the purple marker isn’t coming off easily. I supposed because my hand was so tough they whacked it a few times with a meat tenderizer so they could cut it easier. My fingers are swollen, they are NOT fat!

After patting it dry, we gently wrap it back up. I can’t go out in public with Frankenstein’s hand hanging out terrorizing people. We get to go outside today since I’m not on pain meds. I can drive reasonably well with one hand, if people will just stay out of my way! I just hope none of my fingers fall off!

I have a follow-up appointment on 8 July.


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