Some Very Poor Communications! – (7/30/09)

ToothbrushToday I was supposed to go see the Periodontist at 4:30 PM and have my right upper and lower teeth sand blasted or at least that’s what I thought!

I thought I was finally getting this done and over with at last. My teeth would be cleaner than they have ever been and will stay that way so help my Wife!

One thing that we were concerned about was if I would be able to eat after today’s treatment. Now I know some of you wouldn’t have even thought of that but we eat around 4:30 or 5:00 PM most every day and for me this is an exciting experience! I love to eat!

So, I expected that even though I would be numb, I could still probably eat. Now, I didn’t just rattle past that “numb” word very easily. I know the last session I had when they pulled out a tooth, I had to have my mouth deadened pretty much completely. I don’t like pain! Maybe that’s an understatement! And how they deaden my mouth is horrifying because, if you’ll remember, they have these two-foot long hypodermic syringes full of Novocaine that they jam in my mouth! I’m hoping that they don’t have to do that this time, but my very experienced Wife is already warning me not to get my hopes up!

Anyway, 4:30 PM comes and we’re at the periodontist. I’m called in by the receptionist, not someone in surgical garb so that’s different. I’m led into the very first exam room and not down the long, long dark hall so I don’t have to see all those empty black dental chairs.

This room is kind of empty. There’s a tray in front of me but there are absolutely no instruments on it. Something is kind of weird here!

I’m waiting for about 15 minutes or so and in comes the Periodontist. He says, “Hi, how are you doing?”

I say, “Well, I’m fine except for my back and hip.” But, before I can get that out, WHAM goes the back of the dental chair!

I kid you not! Why does this guy think a sudden jarring drop of your back would feel good? It sure didn’t the last time and it sure didn’t this time! Owwww!

Anyway, I recover from this and he says, “Oh, sorry. I remember about your back, now!” Duh!

He asks me to open my mouth which takes a moment because my teeth won’t come unclenched. Eventually, I do get my mouth open and he puts in this mirror on a stick that is about a foot around. He’s also got this steel poker thing in his other had and he’s poking around in my mouth. He says everything looks great. The empty socket that once held my back tooth has healed nicely. He asks me if it will feel good to get the rest of my teeth as clean as my left side.

I tell him sure and that’s what I’m here to have done today!

Well, what we have here is a failure to communicate! Big time! He says this was just a follow-up to check out his previous work! He’s not prepared to do any cleaning today and I’ll have to come back some other day!

Well, I was ready for some pain and agony! But, it isn’t going to happen today! So, I’m both real happy and mad at the same time. When I made this appointment, the receptionist clearly asked me when I would like to come back in and have the right side done! There was no indication that I had to do a follow-up and then come back. If I had known about this only being a follow-up, I wouldn’t have worried so much about not getting to eat this afternoon!

Up comes the chair but this time I’m ready for it. I’m already sitting up and almost out of the chair before he can get it moved! Excellent move on my part. He leads me out to the receptionist and this time I tell her I want an appointment to finish getting my teeth cleaned.

So, we’re now set for 10:00 AM on Friday. That’s tomorrow. I should be able to eat breakfast and shouldn’t have too much problem eating lunch afterwords since most of the Novocaine should have worn off by 1:00 PM.

This next teeth cleaning should be a breeze since they won’t be ripping out any of my teeth. Although there will be a lot of sand blasting and chiseling and grinding, I don’t think they’ll have to dynamite unless they find some pretty stubborn tartar.

Still, as brave as I am, I can take anything, right?

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