Ruger SR9c – My First Purchase!

SR9c - rt_sideOn about the 15th of July, 2015, Travis called to tell me that Gander Mountain had a new ad out and that I should look at it on-line.  He said they had the Ruger SR9c on sale for $359 which was about $100 cheaper than he paid for Patricia’s SR9c.  He said I should go buy one.

Well, I told him that wasn’t going to happen, not with his Mom’s attitude about guns.  Although she had recently said that having a weapon in the house wasn’t a bad idea, I already had a Colt Defender in a safe in the Master Closet.  I told Travis that I’d like to have that pistol since I had shot Pat’s during my CHL test and really liked it.

About the same time Travis and I were talking, Ramona walked into my study.  She asked what we were talking about and I told her.  She said that if I wanted to buy this pistol, then to go ahead and do so.  Was I ever shocked!  I told Travis, that’s what she said and he was shocked too!

The price quoted in the ad was a one-day only sale for 18 July.  That was a Saturday, so Travis came over early and we took his Tahoe across town to the Gander Mountain store.  When we arrived there weren’t very many cars around so I figured they might not have sold out already.

Sure enough, they had them in stock. The counter guy brought one out and I looked it over.  It had a steel slide which I was surprised that it came that way.  Pat’s was all black and I kind of preferred the all black.  But, the price was so good and I was standing there so I told the guy I’d take it.  He said he’d have to do a background check and then ring up the pistol.  I though we might have to come back another day, but after filling out a bunch of paperwork and waiting for about 10 minutes, I paid for the pistol and we headed back home.Ruger SR9c - lft_side

Back to the present day.  I’ve bought about three holsters for the SR9c and I’ve shot it about three times.  It shoots very well.  I still have to work on my trigger control, but that will come with time.  It doesn’t recoil all that badly and as a 9mm, I wouldn’t expect it to.  The Safariland 578 GLS Pro Fit is a level two holster with an index finger release.  It’s also a paddle holster which is easy to put on and take off, although it sticks out a little too far.  I’ve been using that for carrying the SR9c around and it works pretty well.

I wanted to get the slide cerakoted and found a place to do it for about $75.  Travis then said he was going to paint one of his pistol slides and said he’d do mine at the same time.  Three months later, it was done, but not very well.  He didn’t even let me see it.  He said he was going to take it to a place that does cerakoting and pay whatever to have them done right.  I told him that I’d still pay the $75 if that’s what he was going to do.  It took the place about a week.  I finally got the SR9c back after well over three months.  It was in pieces!  Still, putting it together wasn’t a big deal.  Once back together, it looked really good.  The barrel is still steel, but only a small portion of that shows.  The sights were also cerakoted which means they painted over the white color.  Also, the red making for the safety is gone.  Travis managed to get the red safety mark back on since it was just a sticker, but the sights are still messed up.  I tried putting some white nail polish on and it works, but not that great.  I might just have new sights put on anyway.

So far, it surprises me that I really like the way this pistol shoots.  I shot it with my LC9s Pro and my H&K VP40, and of the three, I like this SR9c the best, so far that is.

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