Ruger LC9s Pro – Christmas 2015

LC9s Pro - lft_sideI managed to save up some money by selling a few things, including my paracord hobby.  I thought I’d spend this money on a new tablet, but I really wanted a couple of new pistols.  One of these was this Ruger LC9s Pro.  It’s a 9mm small pistol in that it only carries 7 rounds in the single-stack magazine.  I had been carrying my Ruger SR9c in a Safariland 578 Pro Fit holster with a paddle attachment. It sits just a little too far out on my hip, but since 1 Jan of 2015 it doesn’t matter if I print or even show the pistol.  Still, I felt the SR9c was just a little too big to always carry.

So, I bought the Ruger LC9s Pro from Bud’s Gun Shop on 3 Dec 15 for $349.00.  As far as I could tell, this was a pretty good price.  I knew that it wouldn’t be shipped very quickly since it was getting close to Christmas, but it actually did ship in about a week.  I had found an FTL gun shop just 2 miles from our house.  Armed in America is a little shop in Bulverde.  I called and they said sure, they’d do the transfer for their usual $25 per pistol.

I think it was about 20 December when Armed in America called and said my pistols were in. I drove out there and checked  them out, then paid for the transfer.  It took about an hour to get all the paperwork done.

I finally got to shoot this pistol on 14 Jan 16.  I had made an appointment with Bass Pro Shop to get about 30 minutes on their range.  I planned on shooting this pistol, my H&K VP40, and then my SR9c.  It would have worked out if I had got there on time, but I was rushed and only had 20 minutes by the time I got to the range.

LC9s Pro - rt_sideStill, I have two 7-round and one 9-round magazines for the LC9s Pro.  I loaded them up and shot all three magazines.  This pistol shoots hard.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  It really beats my thumb knuckle so much that I had to put on my gloves to fire it comfortably.  I think I can hit what I’m shooting at, but it’s not all that pleasant.  Still, I was rushed and may not have given it a decent chance.  I will be shooting it a lot more and making sure I have plenty of time to do so.

The Ruger LC9s Pro has no safeties.  No thumb safety, no grip safety, no magazine safety, so when it’s loaded with a round in the chamber, it’s ready to fire as soon as the trigger is pulled.  The trigger is not a heavy trigger so you have to keep your finger off of it.  Your finger is the only safety and for that reason a lot of people won’t carry it.

So far, I have been carrying this pistol a  lot.  I got a On Your 6 Designs OWB holster at Armed in America when I transferred the pistol and it is just about perfect.  You cannot tell I’m wearing a pistol with this holster.  I carried it all day on our recent trip to Oklahoma.

I think I’ll be keeping this pistol for a while, but I might consider selling it if I can find something I would really prefer.

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