Review – “TouchFire Keyboard and Case” for the iPad Air

9 September 2014

Item:  TouchFire Keyboard and Case

Cost:  $69.99 for both.  Keyboard sold separately for $39.99   I don’t believe you can buy the case separately.

Use:  The keyboard feels like a flimsy piece of rubber that you lay on the iPad screen when you want to type.  When you normally start to type something, the on-screen keyboard pops up and is now under the TouchFire keyboard.  So now it’s just a matter of using the TouchFire keys which are raised and provide tactile feedback like you’d get on a normal keyboard.  The instuctions say it only requires a light touch and I found that to be true for most typing.  I did manage to type some using this keyboard but I didn’t spend a lot of time at it.

The case is really nice.  About the nicest case I’ve seen for the iPad Air without adding a lot of weight.  It has magnets that help hold it in various positions but I’ve found that it’s kind of hard to get the case cover to go precisely into those positions.  After only a little while, it seems to have become rather flimsy for a cover.  The touch of the cover is great.  It’s a rubbery grippy touch that makes it feel like you have a good grip on the iPad.  Once put down, the iPad won’t slip or slide with this cover on.  All the cut-outs for the various buttons around the iPad are perfectly positioned.  It also has small cups on the bottom to force the sound from the iPad speakers to move more towards the user.  That worked pretty well.

My Opinion:  I just don’t like typing on this keyboard.  I miss way too many keys because either they don’t respond to my touch or I miss the key entirely.  I know how to touch type and this doesn’t make it any easier.  One thing that really bugged me was that I couldn’t find the space bar since it wasn’t rasied.  It took to much effort to find it with my thumbs.  I supposed that if  you really typed a lot and needed something quick, this would work once you get use to it.  I don’t have that demanding typing requirements.

The case, while very nice, seems to be getting fairly flimsy on the front cover which is used to make the iPad stand at various angles.  Once it starts getting floppy, it won’t keep the iPad in place as it should.

Summary:  This sounds like a nice setup but it’s not for me.  I don’t want to spend the time trying to learn how to type on this kind of keyboard because I just don’t need to type on the iPad Air all that much.  For someone who needs a portable, non-bluetooth, compact keyboard, this might work perfectly.

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