Review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Tablet

Summary –

Pros:  Fantastic tablet with a fantastic screen.  Easy to hold since it’s so light weight. Perfect size for a small tablet.  A pleasure to use.

Cons:  Buttons at the bottom are very touchy.  I kept hitting the home button since there’s very little room to hold on to the tablet at the bottom.

1420836667_full.jpegI recently decided to buy one of these through Amazon.  I was wanting to replace my LG G Pad 8.3 with something that was a little easier to handle.  I had seen a number of advertisements about this new device and having been familiar with Samsung tablets in the past, I decided it was time to buy a new one.

I believe I paid $383.23 for this tablet.  Amazon now charges taxes so it’s not quiet as nice to buy things from them as it used to be.  They do offer rapid shipment on their products as long as you’re a Prime member which I am.  The rapid delivery didn’t live up to it’s reputations this time though!

Anyway, about the tablet.  It is a really, really nice tablet.  By far the best one I have seen or used in a very long time.  The screen is just amazing.  In comparing it to the LG G Pad 8.3, the Tab S wins hands down, even thought the LG G Pad has an very, very nice screen.  The colors on the Tab S just pop out and everything is colored correctly.  It’s hard to actually describe the true greatness of this screen without seeing it.

1420836474_full.jpegIt’s also very skinny.  I think this tablet is skinner than the new iPhone 6 (0.28”) at .026”.  Yeah, that’s not much but compared to the LG G Pad at 0.33”, that’s a very noticeable difference.  Length and width wise, the Tab S is 8.38” x 4.94” while the LG G Pad measures 8.54” x 4.98” which means the LG G Pad is bigger but with a smaller screen.  Now weight is another thing entirely.  The Tab S weights in at 10.51 oz while the G Pad is 11.92 oz.  You can very much tell the difference.  I still can hold either tablet in one or both hands very easily for quite awhile.

I got my Tab S in bronze.  I think it looks very classy in that color.  The back is dimpled which gives it some texture.  Overall this tablet is really stunning and a pleasure to use, most of the time!

Now for the bad news!  There isn’t much of a bezel on the sides so holding it in a vertical position will require you to hold it with one hand.  Otherwise you’ll probably be putting a part of you hand on the screen by accident.  Holding it horizontally is easier although this is where I had most of my problems.  The home button is a physical button in the bottom frame with the back and recall buttons showing up as lights on either side.  I kept hitting these buttons when I got tired of holding the tablet by its sides and wanted to place my hand elsewhere!  This would result in closing whatever I was doing and going to the home screen in most cases.  It got very frustrating especially when reading a book on the Kindle app.  Lightly touching the bottom of the tablet would close my book and send me back to the home screen!  Just madding!  It got so bad that I was turning the tablet upside down to read books and use it for other things.  This felt really funny and didn’t always work that well.

1420836521_full.jpegThe tablet also uses a MicroSD card up to 128GB.  I only had a 32GB card.  I would assume I could use the card to transfer some of my data files to it and save on the on-board storage.  While I could do that with pictures and stuff, moving apps proved to be a puzzle.  I think I found an app that did move some apps to the SD card but for some reason, Android 4.4.2 won’t let that happen without some special app.  I think I figured it out but I’m not really sure.  Still, I have absolutely no problems with storage while I used the tablet.  I doubt anyone else will either.

I’m not going to get into TouchWiz and all that stuff.  You can or cannot use it.  There are tons of Android Launchers that will take the place of TouchWiz but I didn’t find TouchWiz to be that bad.  I believe I used Nova Launcher most of the time.

Ok, after saying how great this tablet was and it definitely was, why did I return it to Amazon?  Well, I simply wanted this very nice package in a large screen size, so I have now purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5!  I’m awaiting it’s delivery from Newegg tomorrow!  I think this will solve my problem with the buttons since this tablet is normally used in the horizontal position and it has plenty of space for your hands to hold on to it.  It’s also lighter than my iPad Air and almost as light as the iPad Air 2.  I’ll provide a review of it soon.


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