Pain and Agony in the Extreme!!! – (7/27/09)

[The following describes my Monday in some painful detail. It’s not meant to be humorous because there was certainly nothing humorous about this painful episode. I don’t know why it happened nor do I wish that it ever happen again! Lastly, I am better, much better and still working to completely get rid of my hip pain!]

Today started out like any other day. I got up and felt OK. Went to take a shower and shave which I do every morning as usual. My leg felt OK getting up but in the shower it started hurting a little which isn’t all that different from other mornings.

By the time I was dressed and ready to go down stairs, I noticed my hip was feeling a little sore. I headed on down stairs and started my breakfast. I had my bowl of cereal and my toast on the table and had started sitting down to eat and read the morning paper.

My hip and leg started hurting some thing terrible. I couldn’t sit comfortably even though I squirmed around trying to get situated where the pain was bearable. It wasn’t getting any better. In fact, it was hurting something terrible!

I decided to get up and walk it off. I started walking around the house and my hip and leg were just getting worse. Sorry, but this was no laughing matter. The pain in my leg was constant and it was a searing, ripping pain going from my hip all the way to just about my knee. It felt as if some one had stuck a knife in my hip and was pulling it down to my knee. Pretty gruesome but the pain was just as gruesome!

I couldn’t help but yell every time my leg would start another spasm. No matter how I stood or sat, the pain was just getting worse and worse. I’ve never felt this kind of pain all down my leg, ever!

I finally decided that I would go upstairs and lay on the bed since that’s the only possible place I thought I could get some relief. As I laid on the bed, the sweat was just pouring out of me. I tried not to move a muscle since every move I made triggered another spasm in my hip all the way down my leg. The spasms were happening about every minute without fail. And these spasms hurt worse than anything I can ever remember. So, I laid there sweating like crazy and wondering if I was ever going to feel better!

In the mean time, my beautiful Wife called Dr. R.s office and asked the what to do. I could NOT drive anywhere and she certainly wasn’t going to drive me to the emergency room. They finally got the doctor to prescribe some different medicine which they called in to our Walgreens. Now the problem was how to get the medicine.

My wonderful Wife called our Son and asked if he was coming to this side of town any time soon. He said he wouldn’t be over until about 3:00 or 3:30 PM. My lovely Wife decided that that was too long to wait so she made the decision to drive down to Walgreens and get the meds.

This was a very brave thing for her to do since she hasn’t driven in over twenty years. She’s also never driven our Tahoe so this was going to be a very nervous experience for her to say the least.

Still, she made it there and back with no problems. I immediately took the new medicine and laid on the bed as still as possible. Finally, about Noon, the pain subsided. I was getting very drowsy from the medicine and with the pain going away, I finally fell asleep! I think I slept until about 3:00 PM and woke with no pain! I was also not sweating and decided that I felt good enough to get up. I did and still didn’t feel any pain.

I finally walked downstairs and was able to move around normally for the rest of the day. I cannot tell you how much of a difference I felt. The pain in my hip was gone. In it’s place was a dull throb that I could easily tolerate. It lasted that way all the rest of the evening. I did have to cancel my chiropractic visit at noon since I couldn’t very well drive and my wife lost her appointment with Dr. R.’s which was unfortunate since she had scheduled it a long while ago.

One of the meds he put me on was Hydrocodone which is a strong pain reliever and narcotic! All I can say is that it worked. I only took about two and some other meds that I’m slowly reducing. Still, my pain has gone away and that’s all that I care about.

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