My First Real Chiropractor Treatment – (6/30/09)

Early this morning I went to one of Baptist Hospital’s Clinics out in the Westover Hills area. I am surprised that they were not very busy although there were about six other people in the waiting room. We checked in and filled out some paperwork including giving them my insurance card. After about 15 minutes, I was taken back and got a series of X-rays taken. The technician was very professional; knew what she was doing and we were done in about 10 minutes. We waited another 10 minutes and then walked out with my X-rays in hand.

Today’s appointment is at 3:30 PM. I arrive just a little early and fill out an examination log sheet which I will have to do prior to every appointment. It lets me indicate what kind of pain I have today and its severity. Nurse Norma takes me back to an exam room and asks me to watch a 10 minute DVD that talks about the practice of chiropractic medicine. It’s pretty interesting but contains a lot of $100 words that I would hate to have to repeat.

After this Doctor G. comes in and posts my X-rays on the viewer in the room. He tells me he doesn’t see anything really wrong with my back but I do have a slight curve that needs to be straightened out. He also says I’m having some pretty severe calcium build up around by lower vertebrates in my lumbar region. He says we need to work these and loosen them up so they won’t feel the need to build up the calcium. My X-rays also shows that I really need the decompression treatment to open up the disks and vertebrates throughout my entire back. He still believes that the treatment program he has laid out should completely alleviate my pain and make my back feel much better.

Human skeletonThe next thing he says is that he’ll do some spinal manipulation today since he’s had a chance to see the X-rays. Uh, oh!

So we move into another room and I’m asked to lie face down on a very low table. It’s not comfortable for me to lie face down or on my stomach; especially when my face is stuck in a hole! The doctor then does something to the bed/table I’m on and it rises a little just about where my lower back is placed. Next I feel the doctors’ hands on my back and he pushes down. I feel the table snap down and I snap down with it. OoooH! Owwwww!

Now this is not a sensation that I feel very often and it doesn’t feel that good to me. It doesn’t actually hurt but it is a shock that I wasn’t prepared for. He does this again and asks if this is really uncomfortable which I tell him that it is since I wasn’t expecting it. He then says that he will start off a little less aggressive than usual since I appear to be very sensitive to the adjustments. He tells me he’s going to use a device that will tap my spine into alignment without the jolting I just experienced. He thumps my back all up and down my spine to include around my neck. And that’s it. He says he’ll do more adjustments as I get used to the treatment and feel better about it.

To tell the truth, I’m not so sure about these adjustments. I’m not so sure it really hurts but it really sounds terrible to me…sounds like my back is breaking. I could just be ultra-sensitive to this kind of treatment. (A few days later I see him treating other patients and they seem to be enjoying the treatments!)

I’m then taken to have my electo-massage and then some soothing ultra-sound. After that I get to have 15 minutes on the decompression machine. That concludes this session.

After the decompression, I get up and I feel pretty good. I can again walk upright without bending and the pain I had when I came in has greatly subsided. It’s not all gone and I know it won’t be permanently gone just after one visit but I do feel better.

Later that evening, about two hours after my treatment, I can feel the pain coming back. Still, I have a good night’s sleep and I’m feeling better in the morning and ready for my next session.

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