Kindle Fire HD 6″


I decided to breakdown and buy a new tablet!  Nothing surprising about that, right?  There were just too many ads by Amazon announcing their newest addition to the Kindle Fire line that I couldn’t pass it up although I did until the very last.  They were selling these during Black Friday and Cyber Monday for $79 which was a fantastic price but I just didn’t pull the trigger on one.  Then I saw another add and the price was back up to $99 but with Amazon Prime I can try it out and return it after 30 days.  They are almost asking you to do this, try for 30 days and if you don’t like it, send it back.  So, I forked over $116, Ok, so I had to buy the 16GB version instead of the $99 version, but that was only a $20 uncharge.  Amazon now charges taxes so that’s how we came to the new price. Oh, and I used about $10 of my Amazon charge card cash-back reward credits.

The new tablet is the Kindle Fire HD 6”.  It’s a real small version or nearly a small version of the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9” which I previously bought.  This HD 6” is small!  First impressions out of the box were, “Wow, this is really small.”  Then I picked it up and thought, “Wow, this is really heavy!”


Yeah, it’s thick and heavy.  This isn’t a streamlined, started of the art designed tablet by any means.  That doesn’t mean it’s not state of the art technology-wise because it is.  It’s just that this tablet is very chunky and no light weight.  The sides are thick with only a slight taper.  This is nothing like the Fired HDX 8.9”.

Still, I don’t think I mind holding it since it is so very small.  It’s actually not much bigger than my Galaxy Note 3 but the note almost disappears when placed sidewise with the Kindle HD!  The Kindle HD has a 6” display, duh!  But that 6” display is just as good as the Kindle Fire HDX!  The pixel density isn’t as great and the HDX has a much greater screen resolution but the Fire HD can hold it’s own while looking at it and doing normal stuff.

Once I started it up, it automatically made available all my books and apps that I had on the Amazon cloud storage system.  Now, it didn’t automatically down load everything available since I told it not to do that.  That way I could pick and choose what I wanted on this tablet.  Since this one has only 16GB (normal $99 HD has only 8GB), I had to be somewhat choosey about what I wanted to store on the tablet.  And I had a bunch of crummy apps from the Amazon app store that I have on my Fire HDX that I didn’t want cluttering up stuff on my new tablet.

I’ve been reading on it and it is really, really nice to read with.  You kind of get used to the weight, but because it is small, the weight is no more than say the iPad Air.  Yes, the iPad Air even as large as it is and as light weight as it feels, it sometimes can feel pretty heavy after an hour or so of reading.  Then you have to hold it in both hands.  Not so with this Fire HD.  Holding it in one hand feels natural even though it’s got some square edges.  But back to reading.  I’ve read a few books and I like reading on the Fire HD.  Once you get into a book, you have the entire screen in view and my reading seems to become more immersive.

I haven’t tried looking at any movies or playing any games yet.  I don’t really find the games on the Amazon app store very interesting.  Most seem pretty lame.  I tried a few out on my Kind Fire HDX and usually delete them after a few plays.  I also don’t watch movies much.  I did watch a bunch of Sherlock Holmes shows on my Fire HDX so I might go back and watch these on the Fire HD just to see how they play on the little screen.  I don’t think it’ll be that bad at all.

Now, will I keep it?  I don’t know.  After 30 days I might forget that I can return it but then I would get my money back and could use that on something else.  I’ll just have to play with it and see what I think.  I have way too many tablets now.  I think I’m definitely going to have to sell something if I keep the Fire HD.  I know I’ll never get rid of my Fire HDX since that’s about the best tablet I’ve ever owned bar none, but the others, I don’t know.  I would definitely like to try out a Samsung Galaxy Tab S.  Either the 8.4” or the 10.5”.  Now I’ve just got to find the money.

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