It’s Getting Better Every Day – (8/9/10)

It’s been awhile since I last posted, but there’s not been much change. I’ve found some small squeezable balls that I’ve been using to exercise my hand but I haven’t been able to find any big marbles like they wanted me to exercise with.

Still, my hand is getting better and better. I can almost make a fist but not very tight. I don’t keep it wrapped up any more. I’ve also had a few people shake my hand and it didn’t feel like they were crushing it! The first time someone did grab my hand, I almost yanked it back but it’s got to start working normal some day.

I have been just about soaking my hand in lotion. I found some Gold Bond stuff with aloe and vitamin E which is what the Physician Assistant said to use and use it I have. Of course, my hands were so dry that it’s going to take 20 gallons of this stuff to get them soft.

After almost one month, my hand is practically healed. I can barely make out the incisions and probably wouldn’t be able to do that if my hand wasn’t peeling so bad. It doesn’t hurt unless I really try and close it real tight which I won’t do. I can do most all the normal stuff with my right hand that I used to, even feed myself! Of course, I was pretty good at feeding myself with my left hand. I still think it needs some work cause it’s not a flexible as it originally was, but it definitely doesn’t hurt the way it did before the surgery!

And that’s very good!

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