HEB – The Place Where Stupid Hangs Out!


I just made a post on Facebook!  Yeah, that’s a momentous occasion!  I don’t usually make Facebook posts, and when I do, they’re usually just short amazingly witty phrases, usually!  Well, today I believe I posted the “mother of all post”.  I am including it here so you won’t have to hunt around for it.  It is an epic.

“We have really come to like our HEB on Wilderness Oaks in San Antonio. It is a smaller HEB which I think caters well to those who don’t wish to walk a country mile just buying groceries. Yes, the superstores have a few more items than this one, but we can make do very fine anyway.

We just shopped on Thursday and I must say the store was very well stocked. It was very nice to see all the shelves full of merchandise and even better, the stuff we liked to buy. While there were cases in some of the aisles, most were wide enough to not cause a problem. Shopping on weekdays is always the best and we can do that since we’re retired.

Now, not everything is roses. HEB has a real serious problem with it’s baggers (or whatever you call them today). My wife and I started working in the grocery business many, many years ago as young people needing jobs. Back then, we were in a training period of about two-weeks just to see if we could work out. She became a cashier and I was a bagger/stocker. Both of us worked in this business for about four and three years, respectively.

I have come to believe your baggers are idiots! I’m sorry to say this, but there is a way to bag groceries and it’s not the way your baggers do it. We just bought almost $300 worth of groceries and do so every month. We have a ton of red cold storage bags and another ton of regular cloth bags. I purposely fill one cart with cold stuff and then a second cart with everything else.

So what happens at the checkout? Your idiot baggers stand there and start stuffing everything possible into cloth bags, totally ignoring the red insulated bags. I watched the latest one do this until I couldn’t stand it and had to jump in and start taking things out of the cloth bags and telling him to use the red bags for cold stuff! How complicated can that be? They do this practically every time. He also has no idea what is edible food and what is not. He just crams as much as he can in every bag. He crammed a bag full of chips and set it in the bottom of our cart and then dropped a heavy bag right on top of it. We got cleaning chemicals in with candy bags, cereal and other edible stuff that clearly shouldn’t be mixed together. This is just not using any common sense.

Then when I got all the bags re-packed and we’re standing there with two full carts, he asks if we need help out! Well, good night, after spending almost $300, don’t you think it would be natural to just help these good customers to their car and load up their groceries? We never get anyone to volunteer to do that. We always have to ask. Dumb!

OK, I’ve vented enough. We’ll continue to shop at HEB because you’ve about run the competition out of town. I would hope that some day you’ll hire or start training your baggers just a little. Even just tell them to be nice and use some common sense. Heck, I’d even volunteer to come in and train them for you!

Ain’t Facebook great for venting? Let me know if you want to talk about this!”

So there it.  I think that’s about the longest post ever made on Facebook.  I wonder how long it will stay on their page?  If you just happen to shop at HEB, it would be nice to hit that “Like” button on my post, if it’s still up.

Oh, and if they contact me about this, I’ll be sure and let you know.  I might have a job pretty soon!

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