HD Kindle Fire HD 6” Update

17 Dec ‘14

I have decided to return this tablet to Amazon.  There are a couple of reasons.  First and foremost, I don’t need another tablet which I knew when I bought this thing.  Second, it’s just too chunky!  I know it’s small and everything but it weights too much for it’s size.  The edges are thick and not very comfortable although it is easy to hold in one hand.  The screen is nice, very nice, and easy to read with.  I did use it to read a book or two and enjoyed doing that but I just didn’t like the tablet that well.  

So I’m send it back to Amazon.  I’ve got a RMA slip from Amazon and I’ve already packaged it up so I just have to put it in the mail.  Amazon is real good about paying for return shipping.  If they hadn’t had to start charging taxes, they would have been the best place to always shop.  

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