Getting the Apartment to Feel Like Home!

We’re almost caught up to today. All the excitement from the listing of our house, the house hunting trips, the sale of our house and the d7a1382d390925722e15630f8cdf9c55MOVE is winding down. That’s a very good thing. I’m not used to so much excitement and most of what we’ve experienced in the last month, I can gladly do without, thank you very much!

Stay calm. Everything will be alright!

As I write this on 7 Apr, we’ve been in the apartment for a little over two whole weeks! Wow! Doesn’t seem that long. Still, we’ve had time to go through every single box in this apartment several times trying to find the stuff we need. Most of it has been kitchen and bathroom stuff. Which brings me to a good question. Who packed all of our toilet paper in a box and didn’t label it! Not nice!

We did find almost everything we need to start feeling comfortable here. Since we have two bathrooms, Ramona has staked one out and I’ve got the other. We’ve got the master bedroom all set up and the closet has most of our clothes hanging up. We’re not really sure where the rest of our clothes might be; hopefully they are in storage!
Sunlight coming through the bedroom windows takes getting used to.

We don’t have curtains hanging in the master bedroom but we do have window blinds. They are pretty good at blocking out most of the sun, but it does get much brighter in this room than it did at our previous house. Doesn’t bother me; I can sleep through anything.e043adad6c7a27b808fc1ed2b2624318

I’ve got both our desktop computers hooked up and running as well as our Internet and wireless system working fine. We have this large cut-out in the small wall separating the living area from the dining area and it has a shelf just about the height of the love seat. I’ve got a huge power outlet surge protector thing on the shelf. It has about 100 plug-in places and I think we’ve got something plugged into every socket! I’m afraid the apartment management is going to come to our place and ask why we’re sucking all the electricity from the entire building!

And of course we have our living room already set up when they moved the stuff in here. As I wrote before, Time-Warner cable is providing our tv service. They have about a trillion channels of which I think we’re watching about three; HGTV, Sci-Fi, and Channel 12 News. Most of the time in the evening, I’ve got Netflix running through our Apple TV do-hicky (scientific term) and we watch what used to be on TV that was good. We can watch “Magnum P. I.” starring Tom Selleck”, “Voyager” a Star Trek series, “Amazing Stories” a real old show, and a bunch of others. This stuff sure beats what’s on TV now days by a long shot.
We are here!

We are here!

We have actually been out of the apartment exploring our new surroundings. This part of San Antonio is really new to us since we usually avoided coming here because of all the traffic. We’ve found that you can avoid a lot of the traffic if you do your running around outside of the normal commuting times. We’ve found a huge HEB (grocery store), McDonald’s, What-A-Burger, Willie’s Ice House, MooYah’s (hamburger/hot dog place), IHOP, the bank and the post office. Wonder why most of the places we’ve found are food places?

We’re also about 10 minutes away from our new house or at least the lot it’s going to be built on. We visited it yesterday just to see if anything had been done, like clearing the lot of boulders, bushes and a few scraggly trees. Well, they’re all still there. It still looks like an empty lot with a bunch of scraggly trees and boulders sitting around. Andy Cobb said he’d be calling us every Monday with a progress update. It’ll be interesting to see if he calls tomorrow.

So, that’s kind of where we are. Getting settled in and now just waiting for the new house to be built. This is a nice place to wait, real dull and boring but compared to the past month, let’s keep it that way!

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