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1 Dec ‘14

2012 Front A

Well, I got the Tahoe back on Friday, 28 Nov ’14.  That was just great!  I was home with a house full of guests when Benson Collision called but I didn’t want to keep the rental any long that necessary.  It was about 4 pm so I figured I could get down to the rental place and Benson’s before they closed at 6 pm.

Off I went. I don’t know if I told you what kind of rental I got so I’ll tell you now.  I had asked for a large SUV since I have a fairly stiff back and can’t bend to get into the driver’s side door.  You should watch me try to get in a sedan or small car.  Usually, it won’t happen!  But if I try, it’s probably either pretty funny or very painful.  Sometimes if I have to get in the car, I’ll just dive straight in and than crawl across the seat far enough so my legs can get in.  Other times, I stick my feet in first but that usually doesn’t work very well.

Fortunately, most places will provide a SUV if you ask.  And Enterprise Rental is more than happy to rent you a large SUV, no problem whatsoever!  Yes, Sir, they do, because those large vehicles have large rental fees!  When I called USAA to report the Deer collision, they told me I did have rental car coverage but it was limited to a large sedan.  I told them I knew that but I was prepared to cover the difference for a large SUV.  Then, good old USAA said they had a new feature that would allow me to upgrade my coverage for a large SUV if that’s what I needed.  I told them that was exactly what I wanted so when I was done with the insurance report I got switched over to the policy guy.  He told me that I could get the SUV coverage and it would raise my policy a grand total of $3 and change!  But, and this is a big but, it wouldn’t be applicable for this incident.  So, I told him I could afford the $3 and to change my policy.  I hope I don’t have to ever use it, but who knows when a Deer might decide to try and run over me again!

I took my Tahoe to Tom Benson Collision Center on Monday, 17 Nov ’14.  They then called Enterprise who came and got me in a minivan.  After nearly killing myself getting into that cracker box minivan, we drove to the office right near the airport.  I’ve been to this place before but it’s been about three or four years ago.

1417465622_full.jpegThey knew I was coming since I had called last Friday and asked to reserve a SUV.  Then we discussed the charges.  DEER ME!  They said the SUV rented for $56 per day!  Wow!  Thinking about it, that’s more than I pay for my Tahoe per day by a long shot, but I needed this vehicle and the insurance was actually covering part of the bill.  So, my part was going to be $26 per day but I had to pay for the taxes and “other” which I have no idea what “other” included.  So my total per day charge was going to be $34! Ouch!  There goes everyone’s Christmas presents.  Sorry!

We went out to the lot and I was shocked that they said I had three choices!  Wow!  There was a white plain looking Suburban, a nice looking Ford Expedition, and a slick looking black 2015 Chevy Suburban!  Of course I immediately figured the black Suburban must have been previously used by the FBI because it looked like one they would use.  So, I told the rental agent, that’s the one I would take.  It had about 6,000 miles on it and was fully loaded.  I couldn’t hardly believe that.  Usually rentals are bare bones vehicles with crank handles for the windows.  This one had push buttons all over it!  I had known that Chevy had remodeled their entire Suburban and Tahoe line with a new look on the outside and a re-done interior so I was interested to see what changes they had made.

Initially, I was very impressed with the Suburban’s interior layout.  They had moved the navigation/entertainment screen up higher on the dash and it was much easier to see.  Most of the controls were placed reasonably and in easy reach.  I say most because there was one set of controls that aggravated me to no end.

And those were the seat memory buttons.  Now some of you have no idea what these buttons do, but, if you have them, they are pretty convienent, although I’ll admit, not always necessary.  What these do is store the position of your seat, mirrors, steering wheel, brake and gas pedals.  By storing, I mean, once you have all these things set just the way you want them, you press a “SET” button and then a “1” or “2” and the position of those items will always bee known by the vehicle.  If someone uses your vehicle and messes with the seats, mirrors and other stuff, which I just hate, all you have to do is push the “1” or “2” button and your seat and everything else goes back to the position you had stored!  Magic!

1417466008_full.jpegFor some stupid reason, these particular buttons were set way, way down on the door.  I figured that an average sized gorilla with their long arms could sit in the drivers seat and actually reach those buttons.  The vehicle must be on and in park when you record the memory settings by pushing the buttons I described above.  The only probably I had was I couldn’t reach them!  Even if I scrunched down, I still couldn’t reach them.  All I could do was occasionally hit the “1” or “2” button by accident and that would shift the seat, mirrors, pedals, and steering wheel to some idiotic position used by the previous driver!  I think the previous drive was a midget with very bad eye sight!

And of course I accidentally touched the wrong button!  The drivers seat movee up until my head almost touched the roof, then it slid forward until the steering wheel was crushing my chest (actually my stomach). Next, the steering wheel moved up and towards the front window.  Lastly, the pedals came up from the floor until I could have used my knees to push them!  I was so crunched up in this position that I wasn’t sure I could even get out of the truck!  In fact, I had to ask the rental agent to come to my side and please slide the seat back!

After she did that, I could breath again!  I decided to fix those buttons right now.  But, as I said, they were very hard to touch when sitting in a normal position in the seat.  So, I did the best I could and got the new setting memorized replacing the previous settings that about killed me.  After that, I had minor adjustments I wanted to make but was always having a terrible time getting them set right.  I hope Chevy re-designes the location of these buttons before I have to buy another Tahoe.  I believe they should have another 5 or 6 years to do that, but you never know!

Ok, so I took the 2015 Suburban home while my Tahoe was getting fixed.  Every day I had it, I could only think $34 a day, $34 a day, $34 a day.  That didn’t make for a lot of pleasant drives.  I really needed Benson Collision to get my truck fixed.  One of the things they do is send you a text every so often trying to update the status of your repairs.  I got one on Monday, the day I took it in, saying that they had started work on my Tahoe, then I got one a few days later saying my Tahoe was very happy where it was at and getting a lot of attention!  I just wanted a text telling me that it was fixed!

Finally, as I previously said, on Friday, 28 Nov, I got a phone call from the Benson Collision rep and he said my Tahoe was finished.  I think I’ve already told you about the rental place and everything with that.  When they went to compute my bill, I think it broke their computer system.  They had a lot of trouble getting the right amount and to tell the truth, I still don’t think they billed me right.  Still, I got out of there and was taken to the Chevy place to pick up my Tahoe.

And believe me my Tahoe looked absolutely perfect.  They had washed it which probably was the biggest reason it was looking so good.  I had taken it in very dirty.  But, the repairs to the right side were just fantastic.  The truck looked brand new.  You can’t believe how happy I was to have my beautiful Tahoe back and looking like new.

Now for any Deer out there that might be reading this.  You caused me a lot of trouble, $4,250 worth in damage (Ok, my insurance paid $4,200 and I paid $50, but still!), and $400 in rental charges!  You, Deer, owe me big time!

And finally, Deer, I had put a large and substantial “Bambi” protector (brush guard) on the front of my Tahoe and had covered the rear brake lights the same way.  These steel cages was suppose to be there to protect against Deer collisions.  That’s specifically why I bought them.  So, next time, if there is a next time, you stupid Deer need to get in front of me so you’ll hit that “Bambi” protector and then we’ll see who has the most damage!  I’ll be watching for you, now!

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