Colt Defender Plus (.45 Cal S&W)

Colt Defender - rt_sideIt wasn’t long after I told my Son, Travis, that his mother had told me that having a weapon in our house wasn’t such a bad idea. He was just as surprised as I was in her change of mind.

Knowing that I didn’t own a pistol of any kind, Travis, told me he had a pistol that he wanted me to have. It turns out it was one that I had seen at his house and I had commented that it felt really good in my hand. He has an arsenal in his home office and this pistol was only one of many, many pistols, rifles and shotguns he must have around in three huge safes.

So that’s how I came to own this Colt Defender Model 1911 with Hogue grips. I think Travis gave this to me around May or June of 2015. At the time, I only knew that this pistol was very nice, although it was small in size with a very large bullet. I’m not completely unfamiliar with weapons, especially .45 caliber pistols. I carried one quite often in my early days in the Army Guard. Most of the time it was a Colt .45 caliber full-sized 1911. Later, I was issued a Beretta 92FS (9mm) which was the Army’s new standard issue pistol. I have fired both weapons at one time or other and qualified with both.

Colt Defender Plus - lft_sideIt was about mid-June of 2015 that Travis, Patricia, and I made a trip to Bass Pro Shop to do some shooting. I, of course, brought my Colt Defender while Travis brought several of his pistols and Patricia brought her Ruger SR9c which she owns. I had two 7-shot magazines for the Defender which isn’t very many, but I still shot about 50 rounds through the pistol before we had to quit. I also shot Patricia’s Ruger SR9c and a couple of Travis’ other pistols.

I found the small Colt to have a pretty solid recoil and make a lot of noise. It’s not hard to shoot, but it does have a kick that you need to be prepared for. I believe I shot the pistol pretty well, but after the 50+ rounds, I decided that it wasn’t my favorite pistol to shoot. It just seems to harsh for my taste.

I’ve taken it out to the range several other times and put a few hundred more rounds through it and I’m still not really liking this pistol. Since receiving this one, I have obtained a few other pistols, so this one kind of sits in the safe. May be I should try and sell this for something else?

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