Chiropractor Visit #9 – (7/13/09)

Chiropractor signChiropractor signIt’s Monday and I have another treatment at Noon. Over the weekend I did pretty good but not great. It seems that after I leave each session, the pain is hardly noticable but later in the afternoon/evening it comes back. Mornings are Ok, but again, during the afternoon my pain comes back and it’s really bothersome.

Anyway I go into the office and I learn from Nurse Norma that Dr. G. is still out taking care of his family. I completely understand that. They are his priority during right now.

So, it’s back to the decompression room and my 15 minutes of relaxation. I can really feel the slow pulling and release that goes on during the 15 minute session. It’s certainly not painful. After that, I get my 15 minutes of electro-massage and then about 3 or 5 minutes of ultra-sound.

Once again, I’m feeling real good. My pain has subsided but it’s still there in the background. I get in my truck and notice that it hurts to sit. I’ve notice this over the weekend, too. It seems that the pain is settling in my right hip and really is noticeable when I sit in a chair or even in my recliner. This is not good.

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