Chiropractor Visit #8 – (7/10/09)

Today’s session will be a breeze. I already know that the doctor won’t be there so I won’t get “adjusted” today! I shouldn’t really dread that but it just seems to hurt if he doesn’t use the “thumper” thing. I don’t know why I can’t just have the doctor treat me like he does every other patient but I’m just not ready for that.

The first thing I do after signing in is tell Nurse Norma that my pain has moved to my hip more than my back. So, she takes me back for my electro-shock/massage and she asks if I want it done on my hip. I said sure and she tells me it would be best if I laid down on the table on my left side. I know I need the treatment but I don’t lie on my left side very often. Still, I get up on the table and without kicking anyone and without knocking anything over, I eventually get on my left side. Why do I fell like a circus elephant performing a trick?

As I said, I don’t lie on my left side very often and once I’m lying on it, I can feel all my weight shifting. I read somewhere that horses can’t lay on their side very long because their internal organs can crush each other and cause severe internal damage. Now why would I be remembering something like that now?
ElephantNorma starts preparing my hip for the electro-massage and in order to do so she needs to get to my bare hip! I realize that this is going to require me to unbuckle my belt and loosen my jeans around my waist. Well, there’s no one else in the room except Nurse Diana and it’s not like I’m completely disrobing so, I do what I have to and Nurse Norma gets me hooked up

I noticed that I can’t feel the massage as much in this area as I can when it’s on my back. So I have Nurse Diana crank it up and finally it’s really going and noticeable. Initially, electro-massage feels like a thousand needles sticking you very rapidly. It doesn’t hurt but really tingles. After a few minutes, I can hardly tell it’s doing anything but I can still feel the tingling. It feels really good. I suppose this could get painful if you were to really crank it up, but we won’t go there!

I lie there for about 15 minutes and then Nurse Diana comes in and unhooks me. She then asks if I would like my ultra-sound now so I won’t have to get up and lie down again. Sounds like a good idea, so she does that for about 3 minutes.

Next I get my 15 minutes of decompression. I’m wrapped up real tight and feeling good. It seems like no time and the 15 minutes is over.

I walk out of the office and my hip is feeling pretty good. I think we put the treatment in the right spot this time. Problem is, this is the last treatment for the week. I’ve got two days to see how I feel before I come back for more treatment. I am walking pretty good now but still not pain free.

According to the schedule, I still have 12 more visits so I can only get better, right?

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