Chiropractor Visit #7 – (7/9/09)

I head to my treatment today with some concern. There will be a stand-in doctor today and I’m not so sure I want someone I don’t know working on my back. To me, it’s scary enough to let the regular doctor do his thing and now I have to trust a stranger. I know this is probably just me but I’ve had too many muscle spasms lately that really hurt!

Anyway, I get to the chiropractor’s office and sign-in. Then Nurse Norma comes up and says that I won’t be getting adjusted today since the stand-in chiropractor doesn’t have a “thumper”. Most likely Dr. G. left good notes and told them not to adjust me without using the “thumper”. Good notes-ha! Great notes! What a relief!

Decompression tableSo I go straight back to the decompression room and Nurse Diana wraps me up good and tight. I relax and get my 15 minutes there. Once again, this feels very good. If you’ve never had this done then you don’t know what you’re missing. The results from these treatments will show up over time but I can definitely feel the machine working during the 15 minutes. Nurse Norma comes in and unwraps me. As she does the first wrap, I kind of gasp when the wrap is released since it was pretty tight! I do notice it’s easier to breath now! I don’t think Nurse Diana knows how strong she is with those wraps!

After that I’m given a good 15 minutes of electro-shock treatment and then about 3 minutes of soothing ultra-sound. That feels so good! Nurse Diana does these very, very well.
And that’s another treatment. I know they don’t sound like much but I’m probably in the office for at least 30 minutes each day. Sometimes it depends on how many other patients are in for treatment but usually it’s about 30 minutes.

After each treatment, I feel really good. My back is doing pretty good. I can’t say I’m pain free, yet! I still have a nagging pain in my right thigh. It’s like something is not in the right place or maybe a nerve is still being pinched. It still hurts when I sit. I can feel the pain when I drive sometimes and then sometimes not. It really is painful to turn and step out of my truck. I don’t know if these treatments will clear all this up. It sure would be nice if they do but I’m not certain they will at this point.

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