Chiropractor Visit #6 – (7/8/09)

Another 9 AM appointment. My Wife has a doctor’s appointment this afternoon so I needed to get this one done this morning.

Customer LogoTNurse Normahis time I arrive just as the office is open. Nurse Norma is there and after I sign-in she takes me back to the decompression room and I get decompressed. After that 15 minutes, Dr. G. has come in and he’s ready to do my adjustments. I’m not looking forward to this. My back is kind of sore from yesterday! I tell the doctor that and he says he’ll just use the “thumper” on me today! Oh, what a relief!

Once that’s done, I’m back over to the electro-shock and ultra-sound treatments, in that order. Since it’s early and Nurse Diana isn’t in yet, Nurse Norma gets to do everything. She’s really busy this morning and I can hear the phone ringing off the hook too. Anyway she still finds time to hook me up and then tend to me for the 3 minutes of ultra-sound.

After that, I’m out the door and headed home. Again, my back feels pretty good. I’m still sensitive when I sit although my back does seem to feel fine. It now feels as though the pain is trying to move to my hip. I hurt when I sit and get up and down. Walking doesn’t seem to be a real problem but I do take it carefully.

Ok, I’ve got another treatment tomorrow so let’s see how the rest of the day goes!

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