Chiropractor Visit #11 – (7/20/09)

Well, it’s been six days since my last treatment. I’m glad and surprised to say that it hasn’t been that bad! I managed to hobble through all six days with some nagging pain but I was able to walk and go places like I used to do without much of a problem.

In fact, when I got up Friday, I felt really good. The pain had subsided in my lower back and it was only noticeable in my hip. As the weekend went on, I came to realize that the pain had indeed centered on my thigh/hip and not in my lower back. I go in today at Noon so I’m going to see if the Doctor can really do something specifically targeted to my hip.

I got to the office just a little early. There appeared to be only one other patient so I went right into the adjustment room. Dr. G. asked me to lay face down on the table which I did and then he did some serious adjustments on my back and front! Yes, the table did go “WHACK” about three times. He also pushed on my hip and all up and down my back. I didn’t scream or anything although when he pushed directly on my back up near my lungs, I did lose my breath for a moment. He then asked me to lay on my back which he hadn’t done before. This time he raised the table at my lower back and pushed down and in at my hip. “Whack” went the table. He did this again and I said that kind of hurt! Luckily, he said that was all the adjustments for today. But, here he was doing what I needed and targeting my hip pain. I could feel a difference!

I got up from the table and started to walk over to the electro-massage and ultra-sound room and I was shocked to notice that I felt very little pain in my hip area. Now, there was some pain, but let me tell you, it sure had subsided from what it was when I came in. I walked around a little more just to make sure I wasn’t imagining things and sure enough, the pain was pretty much gone! Now, this is just great. Problem is, we’ll have to see how long it stays gone.

Nurse Diana got me to lie down on a treatment table on my side so she could hook up the electro-massage stuff and she sapped me for about 15 minutes. After that it was about 5 minutes of ultra-sound and by then the decompression machine was free.

I went in and got decompressed for 15 minutes. I’m getting used to this so, although it does feel good, it’s kind of boring just lying there for 15 minutes.

Once again, I’m on my feet and walking towards the front door. Again, I notice that the pain in my hip has gone down greatly. If I move my foot laterally it is painful but if I just walk, it’s almost pain free…almost. I get into my truck and drive home. I notice that even sitting it’s not as bad as it was yesterday. And finally, once I get home, I walk around the house just marveling at how nice it feels not to be in constant pain.

So far this evening, the pain has stayed pretty much away. It’s still there and I have a twinge every so often but I think with more focused treatment, this might be what I was looking for at the beginning of these sessions.

I’m on an “every other day” schedule so I won’t go back until Wednesday. We’ll just see how long this new experience lasts.

Legos in SpaceThis picture has nothing to do with my chiropractor visits but I thought I’d throw this in since it was 40 years ago today that we landed on the Moon.


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