Chiropractor Visit #10 – (7/14/09)

I have to go in early again; I’ve got some dental work this afternoon, so it’s a 9 AM appointment with the chiropractor!

I get there at about 8:55 so I timed my drive pretty good. The office is open and Nurse Norma and Dr. G. are all there. I sign in and the doctor takes me back to the adjustment room.

I lie down on the table and he starts the adjustments. As last time he raises a part of the table near my lower back and then pushes down on my back. I hear a “Whack” and that’s the sound the table makes when it goes back into position. I don’t think it really hurt as much as I expected it to. And that’s my problem. I think it’s going to hurt and before I really give it a chance, I act and sound like it hurt but I don’t think it really does. Dr. G. does this a few more times and I start noticing that it really, really doesn’t hurt if I would give it a chance. Anyway, that’s all the adjustments for today.

I go in and get some eletro-massage and ultra-sound. As this is being done Dr. G. asks me if I have started my glucosamine usage. He had recommended this on my first visit as an aid in repairing and helping my joints. I told him that we had checked this stuff out at Walgreens but were confused as to the dosage and kind because there were so many to choose from. Still, I know I should at least try this since it certainly couldn’t hurt and anything that can stop this pain is worth the effort.

Beta-D-glucosamine-3D-ballsI also mentioned that my pain had settled in my hip as well as my lower back. He asked Nurse Norma to give me a second round of electro-massage on my hip after my decompression session.

That came next. Fifteen minutes on the decompression machine and that’s done. Now back to the electro-massage room. I have to lay on my side, which isn’t all that comfortable, but Nurse Norma gets me all hooked up and I get 15 minutes of great feeling electro-massage directly on my right thigh. After that, she does about 3 minutes of ultra-sound.

This additional treatment did wonders for my back and leg pain. I hardly feel it at all! With the additional adjustments that the doctor did, I’m really feeling pretty good.

I get in my truck and that feels easier to do and I don’t notice as much pain sitting as I drive home. This is a very nice feeling to be almost pain free.

But, it doesn’t last! After I get home, I go upstairs and use the “facilities”. Some how I seem to have twisted wrong and as I leave the upstairs facilities, my leg pain comes back with a vengeance! The pain in my back is back and I can hardly walk! I make it down stairs and sit in my recliner and once again the pain in my thigh has returned!

I can’t believe this. After 10 sessions, half of my visits completed, I barely feel better that I did when I started! Oh, yeah, I’ve had some good moments but I still can’t walk around the house pain free and I hurt. This is not good!

I don’t have another chiropractic session until next Monday. That’s 5 days away. I wonder what condition I’ll be in by then but it doesn’t seem like I’ll be in very good shape. I have 10 more session although they are now scheduled for every other day.

For the first time, I’m not confident that this treatment is going to rid me of my pain!

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