Chiropractor Visit #5 – (7/7/09)

I’m sad to report that Dr. G’s Father passed away over the weekend. My condolences to him and his entire family.

I went in at Noon again today and after checking in I meet the Dr. G. in the adjustment room. I asked about his Father since I wrote yesterday that the doctor was gone Monday due to a family emergency. The Dr. G. then informed me of his sad news. I asked why he wasn’t at home but he said that he’d prefer to be at work to keep his mind occupied. I can understand that since I went through the same event in 2001. It is so unfortunate that we have to go through these sad and difficult experiences but they are a part of life.

Dr. G. asks me how my pain was doing and I gave him a run down. It is pretty easy in the morning but quickly gets worse. By noon I’m back to being stooped over and afraid that each step will cause a sharp pain in my back. I am able to walk more easily but pain is still there. I also tell him that he’s been pretty easy on me on at the adjustment table and that he now needs to start being a little more aggressive. Wow! Was that a mistake!

Chiropractic-tableI laid down and he starts right in on my lower back. He some how adjusts the bottom of the table so it feels like it is pushing up on my front which means my lower back is raised also. He then places his hands on my back and pushes down. CRACK! WHAM! I’m sure the table has broken and I know my back did! I’m on my face wishing I were somewhere else! But I think this has to be done.

Next he moves up my spine a little and up goes the table. CRACK! WHACK! I think I saw stars this time! That did kind of hurt…um, well maybe it didn’t? He then moves further up my spine with his hands and again presses down. Owww! Uh, I can’t breath! I have a real hard muscle spasm across the middle of my back and it is really hard to breath. I feel the doctor massaging my back a little and the spasms starts to subside. After that the doctor decides to take it a little easier on the rest of my spine and my neck. He finishes the adjustments with the thumping device.

I then get a very nice ultra-sound from Nurse Diana for about 3 minutes and then it’s back to the decompression table. I’m strapped in and feeling good. After that I get 15 minutes of electro-shock. And this session is done.

I prepare to leave the office and I almost, almost feel no pain! It feels great! I think the rough treatment that I got has really done some good. I walk to my truck and it stills feels pretty good. I drive home and I notice that I’m still sensitive while sitting. I can really feel the slightest bump in the road at my waist. Once I get home and start walking around, I’m really pleased by the lack of pain. It seems that this session did some real good. I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow, well maybe not all of it, but if this is how I get back to normal; bring it on!

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