Chiropractor Visit #4 – (7/6/09)

I made it through the three-day weekend without much of a problem but still with some pain. If I get a good night’s sleep, my back does real good the next morning. I have noticed that it’s not taking my back as long to settle down once I lay down as it has in the past. I’ve also noticed that I don’t have any muscle spasms even though sometimes I think they’re about to happen. By the middle of the night, my back is really relaxed and I’m feeling pain-free! I can move about and even roll over on my side and sleep comfortably for a reasonable amount of time. When I get up in the morning, I am mostly pain free for about two hours or more. After that the pain comes back!

Chiropractic signThis morning I do notice that my back pain feels more like a knot in my lower right side. My back is kind of stiff and I’m not having near as much trouble walking as I have in the past. I still have moments when I move forward and it feels like my top half is coming unhinged from my bottom half; sounds weird but feels even weirder!

I’m back to the Noon appointment. I arrive once again almost 20 minutes early but that doesn’t seem to be a problem. Nurse Norma tells me that Dr. G. had to leave on a family emergency so he won’t be in to do any adjustments! I’m sorry about his emergency but I don’t feel too upset about him being gone. Actually, I feel pretty relieved although he hasn’t done anything to me to make me feel that way. It’s just the thought of what he could do to my back!

I still get to have my ultra-sound and electro-shock. Nurse Diana gives me both treatments and they feel really good. I can feel the knot in my back slowly going away. After those which I think both sessions were longer than usual, I get to wait awhile for the decompression treatment since there’s someone else using the machine.

After about 15 minutes, it’s my turn. Nurse Norma hooks me up. She’s the one that tells me to take a deep breath and then she wraps me up tight but not real tight. Nurse Diana, on the other hand, tells me to suck in my stomach each time she wraps me up. Then she pulls the wraps really tight. Sometimes it’s almost hard to breath when Nurse Diana wraps me up but it doesn’t hurt.

So, I’m all hooked up and the decompression starts. It really feels good. After 15 minutes I’m done. Nurse Norma asks me if it felt different. I tell her not really but she tells me she bumped it up a notch which means she added another 1 lb to the pulling. She’ll progressively increase that as my back begins to feel better.

And better it does feel. I really am feeling better each time I walk out of the office. Once I get back into my truck, I kind of start feeling the old pain but it’s certainly not as bad.

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