Chiropractor Visit #15 – (7/31/09)

I had to reschedule this session to 3:30 PM since I had my dental appointment this morning. I’m fairly recovered from this morning’s appointment but I feel like I’m worn out already. I kind of look forward to this session but not anything rough.

The doctor does some adjustments with the thumper but doesn’t try anything radical or hurting so that’s good. They are busy for a Friday afternoon so I only get the absolute necessary treatment.

I get a good 15 minutes of electro-massage and then about 3 minutes of ultra-sound. It’s then back to the decompression table and 15 minutes of this treatment.

That’s it. Another session done. According to Nurse Norma, I only have 3 left. I thought I had four but the next three will get me through next week and a fourth won’t add much to my treatment anyway.

I also found out that I have an MRI scheduled for 6 August at St. Luke’s and then a follow-up with Dr. Hilton on 11 August. We’ll see where this leads.

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