Chiropractor Visit #14 And More – (7/30/09)

Yes, I know, I just had a session yesterday but that was “out-of-cycle”. Today, I’m back at Noon on schedule.

I get there and it’s another pretty routine session. The doctor does a little to my hip and thigh and also uses the thumper all up and down my spine.

After that Nurse Diana works me over with the massager that they used yesterday! Again, this feels really, really good. I’ve got to get me one of these machines! After that it’s more electro-massage, some ultra-sound and then AND THEN, Nurse Diana used the massager on me again! Oh, that was just wonderful. She gave me another 10 minutes at least. It was sooooo nice.

Once that’s done it’s on back to the decompression machine. I get 15 minutes of that treatment.
I’m feeling great as I walk out the door and can’t believe that I was hurting so bad on Monday.
One thing I did on Monday was to call the neurosurgeon’s office and see if they could work me in earlier than 10 August as scheduled. They said that I could come in today at 3:30 PM. It was just luck that we had already, last week, visited the imaging place and asked that the lastest MRI I had back in Jan ’07 be sent to the neurosurgeon’s office.

We get there and I fill out the obligatory 10,000 pages of medical paperwork! I don’t even think anyone ever reads that stuff cause they ask the same questions when you go in to see the doctor!
We weren’t sure what this appointment would bring. Since I had never seen this doctor before I didn’t think he would be able to do much during this visit. We even suspected that he would just tell me to go get a new set of MRIs but they could have told us that on the phone. I’m also not sure why I’m seeing a neurosurgeon right now. I certainly don’t want to have surgery right now since no one has yet to tell me what is really wrong with my back or my hip.

So, right after I get the paperwork done, I’m called into see the doctor. My beautiful Wife goes in with me cause as I’ve said many, many times, she listens better than I ever do! We sit in the examining room for about 15 minutes or so and in comes this doctor in scrubs.

He says, “Hi.”, and starts slapping the old MRIs up on the lightboard. He asks me what’s going on and I start telling him as much as I can while he’s still talking and not listening to much of anything! He finally says that he wants a set of new MRIs so he can tell if anything has really changed and if there’s something going on with my hip. He’s says thank you for coming and out the door he goes.

We get up and run (literally) after him trying to find out where he went! He’s standing in front of his receptionist’s desk telling her to get me an MRI appointment and then another appointment with him. He then turns around shakes my hand and he’s off to somewhere.

And this couldn’t have been done on the phone!!!!! Don’t see why not! What a wasted trip.

Modern_3T_MRIAt least I made sure the receptionist understood that I wanted either an open MRI or I was to be completely knocked out. The last time I had one was in December 2008 when I had vertigo. That was a really, really terrible experience. I don’t think I’m claustrophobic but I sure can’t stand being stuffed in that tiny tube. I’m just too big. I had to bail out the last time and I was only in there for about 11 minutes.

So, I don’t know about this neurosurgeon. It might be a mistake to see him at all. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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