Chiropractor Visit #13 – (7/28/09)

A new day and a new me! Thank goodness! I’ve recovered from my serious spasms of yesterday and called the chiropractor’s office to see if I could get in for a “make-up” appointment. They said,”No problem.”, which I expected since they really have been most accommodating during this entire treatment saga.

PillsPillsI need to say something about the emergency medication I was put on. It’s a strange one in that the first day, or last Monday, I was supposed to take 6 of these tiny tablets. It’s called Methylprednisolone. Don’t ask me how to pronounce that or what it supposed to actually do. All I can say is that it worked and is apparently still working. The dosage starts out at 6 tablets the first day, 5 the next, 4 the next, and so on. You’re supposed to take every dosage regardless of how many you might have to take at one time. In other words, on Monday, if it had been real late in the day, I could have taken all 6 tablets at one time. It says so on the package!

I took the Hydrocodone a couple of times and that pretty much knocked me out so I’ve stopped taking that stuff. So far I haven’t felt any side effects from either medication. It certainly has stopped the spasms and my hip and leg feel pretty good. Tomorrow I’m down to three pills, so Sunday is when this stuff is all gone. We’ll see what happens then.

The combination of the two meds on Monday were enough to shut me up (I was yelling in pain way too much) so I’m sure my lovely Wife is happy about that! I don’t blame her one bit.

So, today I went in at about 9:30 AM and they weren’t busy at all. The chiropractor’s office never seems busy but I do know they stay open until 7:00 PM so they have a lot of time for patients to come in.

When I got there the doctor started working on my hip. He didn’t do a whole lot cause I was sore and after the spasm attack I didn’t feel like I wanted him beating on me either. Still, he used the “thumper” and did adjust my back, hip, thigh, and all up my spine. He’s very gentle but the thumper seems to be doing it’s job.

After that it was over to the treatment room. Here Nurse Norma decided to hook up the big massager. This is a two-handed machine that has a flat pad on one side and handles on the other with a motor in the middle. It massages like one of those dirt pounders you see when making a sidewalk. It also feels real, real, real good on my back hip and thigh. They really work me over with this and it is just great. I have to buy myself one of these massage machine or one like it. It really loosens up my hip and thigh muscles and makes them feel really good. I have already asked Nurse Norma if she could bring her massager and herself to my house about ever hour or so for additional treatment but she said she couldn’t do that! Wonder why?

One of the problems with using the massager is that it makes the Nurse’s hands numb after about 5 minutes of use. That tells you a little of how powerful this thing really is.

After that she hooked me to the electro-massager machine and I had this really cranked up. This also feels really good and does some deep massaging. After about 10 minutes of this I get about 5 minutes of ultra-sound.

Then it’s back to the decompression machine and 15 minutes of spinal stretching. You know you can’t really tell what this machine is doing other than you do feel the pulling and releasing while it is working. But after what, 12 sessions, my back is feeling better than it has in a long time. I can stand up straight and walk pretty normal and I attribute this directly to the decompression or “rack” machine. I don’t think I’m much taller but I would like to think it is making me taller!

As I walk out the office door, I’m amazed at how much better my back and hip are feeling after one day. What a difference. Yesterday, I was lying in my bed sweating like a pig and in extreme pain and here today, I am almost pain free and walking around. Thank goodness I’ve got my wonderful Wife and getting some good chiropractic treatment!

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