Chiropractor Visit #12 – (7/22/09)

I got up this morning and was in pretty good shape. My hip hurt a little but not that much. It was still hurting only a little after I got downstairs and ate breakfast. Yesterday, my back and hip was sore where the doctor adjusted me the day before but it wasn’t feeling too bad. I have my appointment today at 11 AM.

I got to the chiropractor on time and they were ready for me. I went in to be adjusted and Dr. G. asked me how I was feeling. We discussed my hurt, i.e., that most of the hurt was in my hip. He indicated that at least my back was getting better and I have to admit that it is. I don’t have any back spasms any more and I can lie down on the bed without screaming!

Bambi-thumper-adultAnyway, I had to lie face down on the “adjustment” table and the doctor went to work on me. Right away he noticed that I was a “little sensitive” to the table adjustment. Must have been my scream when he pushed on my back. So, he then got the “thumper” and finished adjusting me with that all the way to my neck.

After that I got about 10 minutes of electro-shock/massage by Nurse Diana followed by 5 minutes of ultra-sound. My hip and leg felt just great. The pain really goes away for the most part after these treatments, but it does come back in the evening. Sure feels good while it’s gone.

I then get to go back to the decompression machine. Dr. G. upped the pull by another 2 lbs. I really couldn’t tell the difference. It seemed to pull the same for the 15 minutes I was getting treated. No matter, this treatment does feel good. I do believe I have grown a little after 12 sessions on the “rack”.

Ok, I’m done for today. I feel pretty good. My hip pain is gone as I walk out of the office. It stays gone most of the rest of the afternoon. My wife and I actually ran around shopping after her lab appointment at 2 PM. I was walking upright for the most part. It only hurt getting out of the truck. I have to get both feet planted firmly under me before I can take a step. Later in the afternoon around 4 PM, I was getting some of the pain in my hip. I think I’ve got some pinched nerves that’s not getting fixed by the chiropractic treatments.

Still, it’s not really bad, in fact, it’s a lot better than it has been in a long while.

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