Chiropractor Treatment #3 – 07.02.09

TransformersToday is a little different. I had my appointment at 9:00 AM since I was taking my Grand kids to the movies this afternoon. I hated to get up so early, but that’s the price I pay for being a lazy Grandpa!

I’m not sure about Thursday morning rush hour traffic so I leave my house a little early to make sure I get to the chiropractor’s office on time. I realize that they won’t open until 9 AM so I really don’t want to get there too early.

Uh, traffic was about non-existent this morning. And as usual when you’re not in a hurry, all the traffic lights turn green so you can zoom down the street. If I was running late, I know every one of those lights would have been red! Anyway, I get to the chiropractor’s office way too early; like I’ve got almost 20 minutes to wait! Even though it’s 8:40 AM in the morning it is getting hot. I have my book to read but I sure wished I hadn’t gotten here so soon.

At about 8:55 I noticed another patient walk up to the office door and he walks right in! I wonder how long that door has been unlocked? It doesn’t take me long to get out of my truck and get in to the cool office. I see Dr. G. behind the counter but no nurses or assistants.

The doctor checks us both in and we fill out our paperwork. He then takes us back to the adjustment room and works on the first gentleman. I watch this with terrifying thoughts. If he does to me what he did to that guy, I’ll be screaming all day long! I tell him that and he just laughs and tells me that I’m in the same shape as this guy was when he first came in. That’s good to know that whatever treatment this patient has undergone has done him well, but for all I know he could have been coming in for the last ten years! Still, it sure would be nice not to have any pain in my back.

Dr. G. says he’s certainly not going to be as aggressive on me as he was on his first patient. And he keeps his word. He does some adjustments that feel fine and he is very gentle. I’m almost of the opinion that maybe I need to suck it up and let him really work on my back if I’m to get to feeling better. But not today!

I get my electro-shock and my ultra-sound again. And then I’m off for the decompression bed.

Once again, I feel very good after this treatment. I can walk pretty much without pain for now. I get in my truck and go home to get ready for my afternoon. I seem to have trouble just sitting and then standing. When I walk I’m afraid of taking a wrong step since it could hurt. It doesn’t always hurt to take a step but I’ve been in pain for so long that I think it will and that’s just as bad as if it did! Does that make sense?

I have three days without any treatments now. Hopefully they will not be very painful days but we’ll just have to see.

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