Chiropractor Treatment #2 – (07/01/09)

Well, this is my first regular treatment session. We’ve established a calendar where I will come in for 10 straight sessions and then 10 more every other day. I’ve elected to come in at 12:00 or Noon every day unless I have something I need to do that day.

As yesterday, I come in and fill out my paperwork which says I’m here on-time and my pain is still extreme and in the same location. I then go back to the manipulation room and Dr. G. is there waiting for me. I lie on the table which I really, really don’t like and he begins to adjust my back. Again, the table goes up and slams down and I make a noise! Owwww! Ugh!

It doesn’t really hurt all that much, it’s just such a shock that I’m not used to. Anyway, the doctor says that’s enough of that and he goes back to what I’ll call the “thumper” device. He runs that up my spine, thumping as he goes and does a few places on my neck. He says he’s done and I’m ready to move to the electro-massage and ultra-sound room. What a relief!

I get those two treatments and then move to the decompression room and get on the table. I’m given 15 minutes on the table and it really feels good.

I get up and I walk out of the office feeling really, really good.

Later that evening, my pain still comes back but I’m walking easier than I have for quite awhile. Part of the problem right now is that I’m expecting things to hurt so I’m real tentative in the way I step and walk. I just think my next step is going to hurt. Hopefully I’ll get over that soon.

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