Beretta 92S from Italy!

Beretta 92S - rt_sideThis one I got as a very pleasant surprise sometime in August of 2015.  Again, my Son, Travis, told me he had found a great deal on some Berettas.  He is always looking for older weapons, including pistols and rifles.  I think he found this deal on  a website called Classic Firearms.  For whatever reason, he ordered two.  They were about $300 each.

Then, again to my surprise, he told me that one was for me!  I don’t know why he did this, but he did mention that he thought this was one of the pistols I had carried while in the Army.  To some extent, that was true, although this Beretta 92S is an older model, much older and has a different magazine eject button than the more modern 92FS that I carried.  Still, they are about the same weapon in 9mm.

So, as soon as they came in, he gave me my choice of the two.  These were Italian Police turn-ins, used for a few years, but in good to great condition.  The one I got has some holster wear, but it was clean and seemed well maintained.  This is a hammer-fired pistol with a safety/decocker.  It also weights a good deal more than today’s modern polymer body pistols.  This one appears to be all metal.  The barrel is also exposed which is good if you like that kind of style, but it can also lead to rust and dirt getting into the breech and other parts easier.

I took this pistol to the range the first time Travis and I got a chance to shoot.  I was shooting my Colt Defender Plus and my Ruger SR9c at the same time.  This pistol surprised the heck out of me the first time I shot it.  I think I shot the Ruger first and it’s a single action, pin-fired pistol and there’s quite a difference in the trigger pull between both pistols.

Beretta 92S - lft_sideThe first time you pull the trigger on the Beretta, you know you’re pulling on something.  It doesn’t move very easy and gets real stiff the longer you pull back on it.  When it finally fires, the trigger is pretty far back.  Then you just slightly release the trigger and it’s ready to fire again.  And I mean, it’s really ready.  The second and successive shots from this pistol were very rapid due to the very light trigger pull requirement.  I mean it shoots fast.  I was very surprised.  You barley release the trigger and then barely pull back on it again, and it goes off.  I could shoot the entire 15-round magazine in a very short time, which I certainly did.  I think we had two magazines for these pistols and I shot both of them hardly before I knew it!

Because the pistol weighted so much, I really wasn’t a fan of it.  It also has iron sights that are black and barely show above the barrel.  I think the Italian Police just used these to point and shoot without much aiming.  I decided, around December of 2015, to get rid of this pistol since I had a couple of others I wanted to buy.  Travis offered to buy it from me  and wouldn’t just take it back.  So, I sold it to him for $250.  He probably should have just taken it back, but I offered to give it back to him several times and he still refused.  Good guy, my Son!

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