And So It Starts!

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Our house is up "For Sale"
Our house is up “For Sale”

In late 2012, my wife and I decided that if we were ever going to move from our two-story house, then we had better get it done.  Neither one of us are that old yet, but we’re showing some signs of wear and tear that’s making it harder and harder to get up our stairs.

Actually, it’s me that’s getting worn out!  My knees aren’t working like they used to, neither is my back and my hip might have to be replaced some day so I can see the need to get into a one-story house and pretty soon.

So, we called a friend of Travis’, Erica Vogel, who we knew was a realtor. We asked if she would help us find a new home and talked about getting our house on the market and sold.  Little did we know what we were setting in motion.

Erica got right to work asking us all kinds of questions about the house we might want to buy. Our criteria was pretty simple. We wanted something on one floor, something that was just asbig as our current house (2,800 sq. ft.), and something in the price range of $200,000 to $250,000, if possible. She didn’t see any problems with finding us a house with those requirements as long as we were willing to go look around. At that time, we looked forward to doing just that.

We also wanted to move to the east or north side of San Antonio. Although we have lived in the “Great Northwest” of San Antonio since the day we moved here in 1984, it was time to try and get closer to our kids and our Grandkids. Our two sons, Jimmie and Travis, had settled on the east side for one reason or other, with Jimmie way out past IH-35 in Cibolo and Travis inside 1604 and east of San Pedro. It made for a long drive if any of us wanted to visit. So, while we loved the area we were in, we decided if we were going to move, then moving east would be best.

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