4 Nov ’14 – Gotta’ Bite on the Carts!

Nothing real spectacular but I got an email asking about one of the carts I have up for sale on Craigslist.  This is one of two that we bought while living at the apartment last year.  I’ve got them up for sale for $20 each or both for $35.  Had them up for a while before but no one would get around to giving me cash, so they sit in my garage.

It seems that people who want one of these don’t have reliable transportation!  Strange that, but if I though about it a little, I should see that that’s probably going to be the majority of the people who would  buy these carts.  They are for carrying groceries and stuff from the store so it shouldn’t surprise me that people asking about them can’t haul their stuff in a car.  This is the case with the current buyer.  We’re going to drop one off at the Alamo Cafe next Saturday evening while we have dinner.

Cleaning lady is her doing her thing.  And yes, we got someone new.  This is about the fourth time they have sent a new person.  It’s getting a bit frustrating to have to show someone else the entire house for them to clean again!

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