30/31 Oct ’14 – Day Before Halloween and Halloween

Ok, I think I’ll start writing almost on a daily basis about what I (and Ramona) do during our day.  I promise this won’t be very exciting but may give you an idea of what it’s like to be retired.

Today is Halloween.  Yesterday or maybe it was Wednesday, we went to Target and loaded up on Halloween candy.  We bought stuff that we would like to eat just in case we can’t give it all away.  I don’t know how many kids we’ll have at our door this year.  Last year we had a few but nothing like we had at the Wildhorse home.  Still, there have been some new houses built in our neighborhood so I’m sure there are a few more kids around now.  The school bus stops down at the corner every day and I see a bunch of kids trudging up the hill towards home so I know there are a bunch around. I don’t think we’ll run out of candy; well, I hope we don’t.  That means there won’t be any left for me!

I got a haircut yesterday.  I’m just shy of being bald but I do have enough to get cut once in a great while.  This new barber shop I found near our Dentist is ran by a couple of oriental ladies or at least that’s all I’ve seen in there the times I’ve went.  They do a very good job of just cutting hair, nothing fancy, just a haircut.  Still, they also add a few nice touches that I’ve not had before.  When they’re about done, they do this scalp massage with their fingers and does that ever feel great.  The go all over my head and then down to my neck.  I’m surprised my head doesn’t fall off!  Then yesterday, she asked if I wanted a hot towel.  I wasn’t sure what I would do with it but I told her, sure!  She then placed this steaming towel on my face and began to massage my face and neck with this towel covering me.  Man, was that ever nice.  I think I’ll be going back a few more time.  Wished my hair grew faster!

Ramona found a new nail salon on the internet that’s much closer to our house.  She had been going to the North Star Mall but that’s a ways away.  So this place had some good reviews and was easy to find right at the corner of Evans Road and Encino Rio.  We walked in to an empty shop.  There wasn’t any other customers there and the owner and a nail tech were at the back talking.  As soon as we entered, the owner asked what we would like and had the nail tech start working on Ramona.  She did a very good job, much better than the North Star Mall and for a cheaper price.  I sat and waited but the shop didn’t smell very bad so it wasn’t a problem sitting there and reading.  We’ll probably go back there for future nail jobs.

It’s good to be finding all these business so close to our house.  We have the all scouted out on the west side of town so now we have to find new places and we’re having pretty good luck.  Right after moving here we found a new Dentist not very far from the house.  And of course we know where there’s an emergency hospital only 3 miles from us.

That’s about it for yesterday.  I’ll write tomorrow on how successful our Halloween turns out after the monsters visit our house this evening.


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