30 Oct ’14 – Concealed Handgun Licenses (CHL) Training

I forgot to mentioned that I called a friend of mine, David, and asked if he would like to do the training course for a Concealed Handgun Licenses.  There’s a Groupon offer going around for two people to do this training for the price of one.  That’s not bad considering the training for one can be as high as $100.  Then there’s the range fee of $25 or so.  The class is an all day thing with some live firing at a range and then classroom work.  

I believe we’re going to the Wetmore Shooting Sports facility for the training and to a range they have available.  The classes seem to only be offered on a Saturday and it looks like the only Saturdays remaining in this year are Nov 8 or 22nd.  David has to see which Saturday he can get off so I’m waiting on him to work out his schedule.

Why am I doing this?  Because I want to and it sounds interesting.  I doubt that I’ll be carrying any kind of handgun around after I get my licenses but you never know.  

Oh, yeah, the licenses itself costs about $140 after you get the training.  So all this isn’t cheap.

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