3 Nov ’14 – Up on Craigslist Again!


1415046435_thumb.jpegRamona has decided to sell her ultrabook, i.e., laptop.  She doesn’t use it much and certainly hasn’t taken it around with her anywhere.  This laptop was made to be carried around.  It only weights about 2.6 lbs. but has has a 13.3” screen which is really, really nice.  The thing is skinny.  It comes in a pouch that looks like a manilia folder.

I’ve used it on ocassion and it is pretty fast.  It has a 128GB SSD for storage which isn’t very large but that is usually just for installing the operating system and some programs.  We’ve got everything on it that you would need to do office stuff, surf the Internet, email and anything else and that SSD is only about half full.  If you wanted to store photos and stuff on it, you can use the SD card reader or even attach a portable hard drive.

We’re asking $550 for this ultrabook which is only 2 years old.  Don’t know if I’ll get any takers or not.  Some times things sell on Cragislist and other times they don’t.

I’m in my study listening to Sirius/XM Radio on one of my tablets, the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.  I have a bluetooth speaker that looks like a small tied in to the table so the sounds are coming from this speaker.  I can put the speaker about any where I want and still hear the radio shows.  This speaker is also much better than the built in speakers on most tablets.

Right now I’m listening to a show on the RadioClassics channel number 82 (I think).  This channel plays old radio shows all day long.  Some are comedy like Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Abner and Lum, The Great Gildersleeve, Burns and Allen, The Life of Riley and a bunch of others.  These shows are dated back to the ’40 and the ‘50s.  Other shows are detective shows, and science fiction stuff.  I like the detective shows like “Let George Do It”, “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar”, “Dragnet” and some others.  Then there’s “The Shadow”, “The Whistler”, “X-Minus One” and a bunch of others.  Oh, yeah, it’s crazy listening to Vincent Price as “The Saint’.

I don’t really care for the comedy shows.  They seem pretty lame.  I do like listening to them talk about what’s going on with the war (WWII).  They talk about War Bonds a lot and a lot of the commercials are really pushing buying War Bonds.  Some of the detective shows deal with catching German spies and the FBI.

Anyway, it passes the time of day pretty quickly.  If you’ve not listened to Sirius/XM, you might want to try it sometime.  Yeah, it does require a subscription which isn’t always that cheap, but we listen to the ‘50s on our truck radio all the time.  No channel searching for good music any more no matter where we are.  There are tons of other channels availabe for all kinds of stuff.  I think it’s a pretty good deal and we’ve been subscribers since at least 1992!

I think it’s starting to rain outside.  They’ve been forcasting some cooler weather and rain for us today and tomorrow.  Looks like it’s coming in now.

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