06/27/15 – Conceal Handgun Licenses (CHL)

Ok, I’m not writing this in June of 2015, it’s more like January of 2016, but I need to get caught up a little.

In June of 2015, I finally did get my CHL, although nowadays it’s called a Licenses to Carry (LTC).  That change came about on 1 Jan 16 with the enactment of the Open Carry Law in Texas!  No more worrying about printing while wearing a T-shirt.

Anyway, I decided it was time, so I let Travis know that I wanted to do this and he called the Wetmore Shooting School who offered to let me take the course free of charge!  Certainly can’t beat that.  I took the class on 27 Jun and waited until the 25th of July when I received my licenses in the mail.  It wasn’t that big of a deal to get this done.

I have detailed my experience over under my Shooting Stuff so you can read that post there if you want.

H&K VP40 – Christmas 2015

H&K VP40 - lft_sideHere’s another Christmas present to myself.  I bought this along with the Ruger LC9s Pro in December of 2015.  Again, I had saved up some money and read a lot about this pistol and the H&K VP9, but decided to go with the .40 cal. S&W mostly because Travis, my Son, strongly recommended I go to that caliber rather than stay with the 9mm.  I’m still debating that decision.

The VP40 is a big pistol.  There’s nothing small about it.  Compared to my Ruger SR9c or my Colt Defender Plus, it is definitely bigger in every direction.  The slide is particularly beefy.  If you were to compare the slide on this .40 cal with the slide of the VP9 9mm, you’d easily see the extra thickness of the VP40.  I think that helps to hold down the recoil.

The VP40 came with three 15-round magazines and night sights which I think makes it the LE (Limited Edition or Law Enforcement) version.  Actually, I’m not sure what the LE stands for, but that’s what they call this version.  It also has three different grip settings.  You can remove the sides and rear of the pistol and replace them with a skinner set or a much larger set.  I initially decided to go with the regular sides, but replaced the medium backplate  with the small backplate.  After shooting it for the first time, I have gone back to the medium grips all the way around.

I did get to shoot this pistol on 14 Jan 16, as I have written elsewhere.  Unfortunately, I was very rushed and didn’t get to shoot it properly, especially for a new pistol.  I had loaded all three 15-round magazines and that’s what I shot through this pistol on this initial occasion.  After forty-five rounds, I really can’t tell much about the pistol.  It seems to shoot H&K VP40 - rt_sidewhere I point it, the recoil is noticeable, but not as harsh as the LC9s Pro.  I don’t think I was controlling the trigger as well as I should have since I didn’t like the grip arrangement I had on the pistol.  I hope to go shoot it again soon and be able to take my time and get used to the trigger.  It does seem easy to shoot and control.  I have no problem ejecting the magazines with the paddle level on this pistol versus an eject button on other pistols.

I haven’t decided if I really need a .40 caliber pistol.  It’s kind of large to be carrying around, but I have a Bravo Concealment OWB holster that fits very well on my hip.  With the pistol in the holster, I can very effectively conceal this weapon under a T-shirt or other over garment.  I don’t think the 9mm version of this pistol would be any easier to conceal or carry so, since I have it, I’ll probably just keep it for a while.  It will be a good piece to take to the range.

Ruger LC9s Pro – Christmas 2015

LC9s Pro - lft_sideI managed to save up some money by selling a few things, including my paracord hobby.  I thought I’d spend this money on a new tablet, but I really wanted a couple of new pistols.  One of these was this Ruger LC9s Pro.  It’s a 9mm small pistol in that it only carries 7 rounds in the single-stack magazine.  I had been carrying my Ruger SR9c in a Safariland 578 Pro Fit holster with a paddle attachment. It sits just a little too far out on my hip, but since 1 Jan of 2015 it doesn’t matter if I print or even show the pistol.  Still, I felt the SR9c was just a little too big to always carry.

So, I bought the Ruger LC9s Pro from Bud’s Gun Shop on 3 Dec 15 for $349.00.  As far as I could tell, this was a pretty good price.  I knew that it wouldn’t be shipped very quickly since it was getting close to Christmas, but it actually did ship in about a week.  I had found an FTL gun shop just 2 miles from our house.  Armed in America is a little shop in Bulverde.  I called and they said sure, they’d do the transfer for their usual $25 per pistol.

I think it was about 20 December when Armed in America called and said my pistols were in. I drove out there and checked  them out, then paid for the transfer.  It took about an hour to get all the paperwork done.

I finally got to shoot this pistol on 14 Jan 16.  I had made an appointment with Bass Pro Shop to get about 30 minutes on their range.  I planned on shooting this pistol, my H&K VP40, and then my SR9c.  It would have worked out if I had got there on time, but I was rushed and only had 20 minutes by the time I got to the range.

LC9s Pro - rt_sideStill, I have two 7-round and one 9-round magazines for the LC9s Pro.  I loaded them up and shot all three magazines.  This pistol shoots hard.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  It really beats my thumb knuckle so much that I had to put on my gloves to fire it comfortably.  I think I can hit what I’m shooting at, but it’s not all that pleasant.  Still, I was rushed and may not have given it a decent chance.  I will be shooting it a lot more and making sure I have plenty of time to do so.

The Ruger LC9s Pro has no safeties.  No thumb safety, no grip safety, no magazine safety, so when it’s loaded with a round in the chamber, it’s ready to fire as soon as the trigger is pulled.  The trigger is not a heavy trigger so you have to keep your finger off of it.  Your finger is the only safety and for that reason a lot of people won’t carry it.

So far, I have been carrying this pistol a  lot.  I got a On Your 6 Designs OWB holster at Armed in America when I transferred the pistol and it is just about perfect.  You cannot tell I’m wearing a pistol with this holster.  I carried it all day on our recent trip to Oklahoma.

I think I’ll be keeping this pistol for a while, but I might consider selling it if I can find something I would really prefer.