Welcome to Our New Home

Our New House 2014Well, it’s taken me longer to finish this blog than it has to build a new house!  I kind of quit right there at the end.  Must have gotten busy or something.  I’m going to try and get this updated and finished without boring you too much.  Needless to say a lot has happened since my last entry.

We closed on the new house on 5 Sept.  Everything went like a charm.  It was hot that day.  We had gone over to the other side of town to buy a new refrigerator and then had a 1:00 pm appointment back at the title office.  We figured we could make it over and back and have some time for lunch.  Andy wanted to meet us at the house around 2:30 or something like that.  He had our keys which is surprising.  I figured they’d give them to us at closing.

Anyway, we got the fridge bought and was heading back to the title office when Erica called and said the title company was running late finishing off the paperwork.  We said we kind of knew that since they hadn’t give us a final closing cost number which we were waiting on.  We had to go to the bank and get a check for whatever amount they wanted but they had to tell us first!

So the meeting was pushed back to 1:30 and around 1:15 or so Erica called back and told us they have our closing cost number.

We said, “Wow! That’s too much! We can’t do it!”

Justing kidding!  We took that number and went to the bank near the title company and they proceeded to cut us a check.  That took a little longer than expected so by the time we got out of there it was a little past 1:30.  We got to the title company quickly only to find out they were still not ready.

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