HD Kindle Fire HD 6” Update

17 Dec ‘14

I have decided to return this tablet to Amazon.  There are a couple of reasons.  First and foremost, I don’t need another tablet which I knew when I bought this thing.  Second, it’s just too chunky!  I know it’s small and everything but it weights too much for it’s size.  The edges are thick and not very comfortable although it is easy to hold in one hand.  The screen is nice, very nice, and easy to read with.  I did use it to read a book or two and enjoyed doing that but I just didn’t like the tablet that well.  

So I’m send it back to Amazon.  I’ve got a RMA slip from Amazon and I’ve already packaged it up so I just have to put it in the mail.  Amazon is real good about paying for return shipping.  If they hadn’t had to start charging taxes, they would have been the best place to always shop.  

Kindle Fire HD 6″


I decided to breakdown and buy a new tablet!  Nothing surprising about that, right?  There were just too many ads by Amazon announcing their newest addition to the Kindle Fire line that I couldn’t pass it up although I did until the very last.  They were selling these during Black Friday and Cyber Monday for $79 which was a fantastic price but I just didn’t pull the trigger on one.  Then I saw another add and the price was back up to $99 but with Amazon Prime I can try it out and return it after 30 days.  They are almost asking you to do this, try for 30 days and if you don’t like it, send it back.  So, I forked over $116, Ok, so I had to buy the 16GB version instead of the $99 version, but that was only a $20 uncharge.  Amazon now charges taxes so that’s how we came to the new price. Oh, and I used about $10 of my Amazon charge card cash-back reward credits.

The new tablet is the Kindle Fire HD 6”.  It’s a real small version or nearly a small version of the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9” which I previously bought.  This HD 6” is small!  First impressions out of the box were, “Wow, this is really small.”  Then I picked it up and thought, “Wow, this is really heavy!”


Yeah, it’s thick and heavy.  This isn’t a streamlined, started of the art designed tablet by any means.  That doesn’t mean it’s not state of the art technology-wise because it is.  It’s just that this tablet is very chunky and no light weight.  The sides are thick with only a slight taper.  This is nothing like the Fired HDX 8.9”.

Still, I don’t think I mind holding it since it is so very small.  It’s actually not much bigger than my Galaxy Note 3 but the note almost disappears when placed sidewise with the Kindle HD!  The Kindle HD has a 6” display, duh!  But that 6” display is just as good as the Kindle Fire HDX!  The pixel density isn’t as great and the HDX has a much greater screen resolution but the Fire HD can hold it’s own while looking at it and doing normal stuff.

Once I started it up, it automatically made available all my books and apps that I had on the Amazon cloud storage system.  Now, it didn’t automatically down load everything available since I told it not to do that.  That way I could pick and choose what I wanted on this tablet.  Since this one has only 16GB (normal $99 HD has only 8GB), I had to be somewhat choosey about what I wanted to store on the tablet.  And I had a bunch of crummy apps from the Amazon app store that I have on my Fire HDX that I didn’t want cluttering up stuff on my new tablet.

I’ve been reading on it and it is really, really nice to read with.  You kind of get used to the weight, but because it is small, the weight is no more than say the iPad Air.  Yes, the iPad Air even as large as it is and as light weight as it feels, it sometimes can feel pretty heavy after an hour or so of reading.  Then you have to hold it in both hands.  Not so with this Fire HD.  Holding it in one hand feels natural even though it’s got some square edges.  But back to reading.  I’ve read a few books and I like reading on the Fire HD.  Once you get into a book, you have the entire screen in view and my reading seems to become more immersive.

I haven’t tried looking at any movies or playing any games yet.  I don’t really find the games on the Amazon app store very interesting.  Most seem pretty lame.  I tried a few out on my Kind Fire HDX and usually delete them after a few plays.  I also don’t watch movies much.  I did watch a bunch of Sherlock Holmes shows on my Fire HDX so I might go back and watch these on the Fire HD just to see how they play on the little screen.  I don’t think it’ll be that bad at all.

Now, will I keep it?  I don’t know.  After 30 days I might forget that I can return it but then I would get my money back and could use that on something else.  I’ll just have to play with it and see what I think.  I have way too many tablets now.  I think I’m definitely going to have to sell something if I keep the Fire HD.  I know I’ll never get rid of my Fire HDX since that’s about the best tablet I’ve ever owned bar none, but the others, I don’t know.  I would definitely like to try out a Samsung Galaxy Tab S.  Either the 8.4” or the 10.5”.  Now I’ve just got to find the money.

Visiting the Doctor Will Be the Death of Me!


I want all the hours I’ve spent waiting and waiting for the doctor, back!  I figured if I were to get all those hours and hours back, it would add at least another 50 years to my life!

Today we went to our heart doctor.  I also have a back doctor, an ear, nose and throat doctor, a foot doctor, a doctor that I can’t figure out what he does (rheumatologist), a doctor that wants to poke things in places he shouldn’t and finally my family doctor who is also a general practitioner and a PCP (Primary Care Physician).

Everyone of these doctors have been taught the exact same thing when it comes to patient care…keep them waiting until they go nuts or die, which ever comes first!  I swear, there must be a course at the doctor school that tells doctors how to train their nurses and administrative staff on how to push patients around from room to room.  These nice people can make us patients think that something very important is going to be done in the very next room so we happily follow them around, room to room, hour by hour!

Now nurses are the nicest people in the world.  I’ve known a lot of them and even one of my young relatives is a super nurse although she’s in-charge of all the nurses in a pregnant women’s hospital.  I hope she never has to see me on a professional basis!

Anyway, the nurses I know are really nice.  They smile a lot and say kind things all the while following their doctor’s orders.  Still smiling, the first thing they tell you is to get on the scales!  Sometimes, I just go in for a shot, so why do I have to be weighed?  I think this is their way of telling you that something is wrong with you right from the start or you wouldn’t be here, right?

Notice, they have replaced the old metal scales you used to weigh on; they broke, not your fault, right!  Well, these new scales are totally electronic.  They can store your weight from now until eternity so if someone in, say 2138, wants to know how much you weighed, yep, it’s right there in the electronic records!  And, did you know, the information on that scale, that tiny little window In front of you now showing an impossibly large number, can be displayed any where they choose!  Now you know why you hear laughing in other rooms!

So still following doctors orders, they bring you in to this room and shut the door so you can’t see what’s going on outside (I’ll get to that in a minutes)!  They make pleasant small talk while taking your temperature, blood pressure and pulse. They never tell you the readings for these vital signs unless you ask and then I think they make things up.  I know that sometimes when I’ve been waiting a particularly long time in the waiting room, I’m pretty hot under the collar if you know what I mean.  So, if I ask about my temperature or blood pressure, how can they tell me it’s pretty close to normal when I know that can’t be true.  Why, the temperature thing was too hot to handle when she took it out of my mouth and I blew the blood pressure cuff clean off my arm and across the room!  Normal, ha!

The nurse then leaves you in a sterile room which by sterile means there’s absolutely nothing to eat in that room which is disturbing since you know you could quite possible die from starvation by the time the doctor actually finds you. Then while leaving, the nurse tells you the doctor will be in to see you shortly.  Why do they say that when they know the doctor isn’t within 50 miles of the place? Of course, they’re hoping he’ll actually show up soon, just depends on whether the movie he/she is watching is over or the basketball/football/baseball game they are attending has finished. I just know the doctor can’t be in the same building I’m in or he/she would be here!  Right?

Now the nurse has to leave you alone in this room because her next duty is to go where the room thermostat is located and start jacking up the temp to 150 degrees or lowering it to freezing.  She has to do this just right so as not to make you get up and open the door!  Oh, no!  You can’t do that or you’d see the party that’s going on right outside your door!  Believe me, it’s true; I’ve peeked!

And those chairs in these exam/torture rooms have to be the hardest chairs ever constructed by man!  And that’s a fact.  History has recorded these same exact chairs in ancient Roman doctor offices and even back to Adam and Eve in the Garden.  Those two were specifically told not to sit in those chairs but of course, they did and that’s why we have them today! Honest truth!  My back side will be sore for a week after my doctor’s visit and it ain’t because of some exam he did, either!

So, eventually, after you have now aged quite considerably, and three days later, your doctor makes his grand entrance.  He’s busy looking at your paperwork trying, for all his might, to find what your names are because he can’t remember in a million years!  Of course, if you introduce yourselves first, like, “Hi, I’m Mrs. Outrageous Bunions or I’m Mr. Sky-High Blood Pressure And No, I’m Not Taking My Medicine”, then he’ll know you immediately.

Your doctor says all your tests came back negative.  You think you’re relieved until it dawns on you that you’ve not done any tests lately so what’s he talking about?

Ok, so I’m not writing about your doctor, I’m writing about all that time you spent waiting just to see him or her.  If you add it all up, you would be amazed at all the millions and millions of hours you could have been doing something else, anything else.

But, I bet you’ve already got your next doctor’s appointment scheduled, don’t you?  Man, oh man, you must have a very good doctor and I hope you live forever!

Deer Me! – Followup

1 Dec ‘14

2012 Front A

Well, I got the Tahoe back on Friday, 28 Nov ’14.  That was just great!  I was home with a house full of guests when Benson Collision called but I didn’t want to keep the rental any long that necessary.  It was about 4 pm so I figured I could get down to the rental place and Benson’s before they closed at 6 pm.

Off I went. I don’t know if I told you what kind of rental I got so I’ll tell you now.  I had asked for a large SUV since I have a fairly stiff back and can’t bend to get into the driver’s side door.  You should watch me try to get in a sedan or small car.  Usually, it won’t happen!  But if I try, it’s probably either pretty funny or very painful.  Sometimes if I have to get in the car, I’ll just dive straight in and than crawl across the seat far enough so my legs can get in.  Other times, I stick my feet in first but that usually doesn’t work very well.

Fortunately, most places will provide a SUV if you ask.  And Enterprise Rental is more than happy to rent you a large SUV, no problem whatsoever!  Yes, Sir, they do, because those large vehicles have large rental fees!  When I called USAA to report the Deer collision, they told me I did have rental car coverage but it was limited to a large sedan.  I told them I knew that but I was prepared to cover the difference for a large SUV.  Then, good old USAA said they had a new feature that would allow me to upgrade my coverage for a large SUV if that’s what I needed.  I told them that was exactly what I wanted so when I was done with the insurance report I got switched over to the policy guy.  He told me that I could get the SUV coverage and it would raise my policy a grand total of $3 and change!  But, and this is a big but, it wouldn’t be applicable for this incident.  So, I told him I could afford the $3 and to change my policy.  I hope I don’t have to ever use it, but who knows when a Deer might decide to try and run over me again!

I took my Tahoe to Tom Benson Collision Center on Monday, 17 Nov ’14.  They then called Enterprise who came and got me in a minivan.  After nearly killing myself getting into that cracker box minivan, we drove to the office right near the airport.  I’ve been to this place before but it’s been about three or four years ago.

1417465622_full.jpegThey knew I was coming since I had called last Friday and asked to reserve a SUV.  Then we discussed the charges.  DEER ME!  They said the SUV rented for $56 per day!  Wow!  Thinking about it, that’s more than I pay for my Tahoe per day by a long shot, but I needed this vehicle and the insurance was actually covering part of the bill.  So, my part was going to be $26 per day but I had to pay for the taxes and “other” which I have no idea what “other” included.  So my total per day charge was going to be $34! Ouch!  There goes everyone’s Christmas presents.  Sorry!

We went out to the lot and I was shocked that they said I had three choices!  Wow!  There was a white plain looking Suburban, a nice looking Ford Expedition, and a slick looking black 2015 Chevy Suburban!  Of course I immediately figured the black Suburban must have been previously used by the FBI because it looked like one they would use.  So, I told the rental agent, that’s the one I would take.  It had about 6,000 miles on it and was fully loaded.  I couldn’t hardly believe that.  Usually rentals are bare bones vehicles with crank handles for the windows.  This one had push buttons all over it!  I had known that Chevy had remodeled their entire Suburban and Tahoe line with a new look on the outside and a re-done interior so I was interested to see what changes they had made.

Initially, I was very impressed with the Suburban’s interior layout.  They had moved the navigation/entertainment screen up higher on the dash and it was much easier to see.  Most of the controls were placed reasonably and in easy reach.  I say most because there was one set of controls that aggravated me to no end.

And those were the seat memory buttons.  Now some of you have no idea what these buttons do, but, if you have them, they are pretty convienent, although I’ll admit, not always necessary.  What these do is store the position of your seat, mirrors, steering wheel, brake and gas pedals.  By storing, I mean, once you have all these things set just the way you want them, you press a “SET” button and then a “1” or “2” and the position of those items will always bee known by the vehicle.  If someone uses your vehicle and messes with the seats, mirrors and other stuff, which I just hate, all you have to do is push the “1” or “2” button and your seat and everything else goes back to the position you had stored!  Magic!

1417466008_full.jpegFor some stupid reason, these particular buttons were set way, way down on the door.  I figured that an average sized gorilla with their long arms could sit in the drivers seat and actually reach those buttons.  The vehicle must be on and in park when you record the memory settings by pushing the buttons I described above.  The only probably I had was I couldn’t reach them!  Even if I scrunched down, I still couldn’t reach them.  All I could do was occasionally hit the “1” or “2” button by accident and that would shift the seat, mirrors, pedals, and steering wheel to some idiotic position used by the previous driver!  I think the previous drive was a midget with very bad eye sight!

And of course I accidentally touched the wrong button!  The drivers seat movee up until my head almost touched the roof, then it slid forward until the steering wheel was crushing my chest (actually my stomach). Next, the steering wheel moved up and towards the front window.  Lastly, the pedals came up from the floor until I could have used my knees to push them!  I was so crunched up in this position that I wasn’t sure I could even get out of the truck!  In fact, I had to ask the rental agent to come to my side and please slide the seat back!

After she did that, I could breath again!  I decided to fix those buttons right now.  But, as I said, they were very hard to touch when sitting in a normal position in the seat.  So, I did the best I could and got the new setting memorized replacing the previous settings that about killed me.  After that, I had minor adjustments I wanted to make but was always having a terrible time getting them set right.  I hope Chevy re-designes the location of these buttons before I have to buy another Tahoe.  I believe they should have another 5 or 6 years to do that, but you never know!

Ok, so I took the 2015 Suburban home while my Tahoe was getting fixed.  Every day I had it, I could only think $34 a day, $34 a day, $34 a day.  That didn’t make for a lot of pleasant drives.  I really needed Benson Collision to get my truck fixed.  One of the things they do is send you a text every so often trying to update the status of your repairs.  I got one on Monday, the day I took it in, saying that they had started work on my Tahoe, then I got one a few days later saying my Tahoe was very happy where it was at and getting a lot of attention!  I just wanted a text telling me that it was fixed!

Finally, as I previously said, on Friday, 28 Nov, I got a phone call from the Benson Collision rep and he said my Tahoe was finished.  I think I’ve already told you about the rental place and everything with that.  When they went to compute my bill, I think it broke their computer system.  They had a lot of trouble getting the right amount and to tell the truth, I still don’t think they billed me right.  Still, I got out of there and was taken to the Chevy place to pick up my Tahoe.

And believe me my Tahoe looked absolutely perfect.  They had washed it which probably was the biggest reason it was looking so good.  I had taken it in very dirty.  But, the repairs to the right side were just fantastic.  The truck looked brand new.  You can’t believe how happy I was to have my beautiful Tahoe back and looking like new.

Now for any Deer out there that might be reading this.  You caused me a lot of trouble, $4,250 worth in damage (Ok, my insurance paid $4,200 and I paid $50, but still!), and $400 in rental charges!  You, Deer, owe me big time!

And finally, Deer, I had put a large and substantial “Bambi” protector (brush guard) on the front of my Tahoe and had covered the rear brake lights the same way.  These steel cages was suppose to be there to protect against Deer collisions.  That’s specifically why I bought them.  So, next time, if there is a next time, you stupid Deer need to get in front of me so you’ll hit that “Bambi” protector and then we’ll see who has the most damage!  I’ll be watching for you, now!

Deer Me!

12 Nov. ‘14

1415829500_full.jpegWell, it seems as though we were not having an exciting enough life.  There are times when everything seems to be going along just fine; when you really don’t have a care in the world, none of your kids are in jail and your Grandkids haven’t really learned the differences between boys and girls.  That was us on 11 November 2014.  Or it was us until the INCIDENT!

My beautiful wife and I had just left our home to deliver a shopping cart to the Alamo Cafe not far from our house.  This is something everyone does once in awhile, right?  Well, maybe not, but we had these two deluxe shopping carts that we used the heck out of while living at our mansion apartment last year.  These carts had probably carried a ton of groceries from our truck three stories up to our apartment.  I know I would most likely be dead if it weren’t for these carts.  But, as we have become high-class and moved into a new home, we don’t really have a need for them.  So I had placed a superbly written advertisement on Craigslist letting them go for the paltry sum of $20 each or $35 for both!

I had really wanted to make a little more money off of them as I am in the market for a neShopping Cartsw computer, but my lovely wife finally convinced me that I couldn’t possibly sell these two carts for $1,000!  I figured there was a sucker out there somewhere that had more money than sense who needed a shopping cart so I figured my price would be just fine.  My wife told me that she wanted them sold and out of the garage so I had better apply some common sense and price them reasonably.  She always throws this common sense stuff at me!

Anyway, we had just dropped off the second cart and I had picked up my paltry $20 and were headed out to spend it all on dinner!  We stopped at the McAllister’s Deli not far from our home and had a very fine evening meal.  There was nothing exciting about this event whatsoever!  Little did we know what was coming!!!

imac-retina-2014After our pleasant evening dinner, we headed to Best Buy, one of my favorite establishments, but not so for my patient wife!  She wanted to find a 2015 calendar which I figured was a little early, but I never plan that far ahead anyway, so she decided to go to Staples which is right next to Best Buy.  So I strode into Best Buy and headed for the Apple display.  I was looking for a particular computer Apple produces and as usual, Best Buy did not have it!  I should have known better; they never have what I want when I want it!  So I wandered around looking at a few other things I can’t afford when my wife finally caught up with me.

I knew that it was time to leave.  I really hated to leave Best Buy empty-handed but that’s what was going to happen; they didn’t have what I wanted and I couldn’t have afforded it even if they did.  So now you know why I wanted to go to Best Buy!

We got in the truck and headed out on our normal route towards home.  Traffic was kind of heavy for a weekday even if it was a holiday for some. I had my truck lights on since it was after dusk and only idiots drive around in the dark!  Seems like there were a lot of idiots out this very night, but little did we know that the idiots wouldn’t have a thing to do with us in just a little while!No speeding

We had just passed under an overpass heading north on Bulverde Road.  The time was approximately 6 pm.  The date was Wednesday, 11 November 2014.  We were driving at 45 mph EXACTLY, I never speed, honest, and we were in a fairly tight group of traffic.  I had placed our vehicle in the middle lane or the second lane from the right with traffic in front and back and on my left side.

All of a sudden, WHAM!  Something or someone had just smacked the right passenger side of our truck and it or they had hit it HARD!  I hadn’t seen a thing so I asked my wife who usually sees everything, “What just happened?”

Big BuckShe said, “We just got hit by something!”  Duh!  In a flash, I knew she was right!

I was thinking, did I hit a drunk on the road or was that a big box or maybe even a big board!  I couldn’t figure out what I hit and the truck seemed to be just fine.  I then again looked over towards my wife and then noticed the side mirror hanging in pieces!  I immediately knew that that’s not how it should look.  I decided that I have better pull over and see what damage had been done or find out what I had hit.

There was a fire station just up on our right so I pulled into their parking lot.  I got out and went over to the right side of the Tahoe.  By then, two other vehicles had pulled up next to us and were asking if we were all right!  One lady got out and came over to see for sure if we were OK, because she knew we had been hit very hard.

I then asked her, “What the heck happened?”

She said, “You got hit by a very large deer.  A buck, I think, and he was trying to jump over your truck!”

I was kind of dumbfounded, usually not my normal state, I assure you!  I think my wife was almost going into shock but she recovered pretty quickly.  I think she was very worried about the deer!  I was worried, and rightly so, about my poor Tahoe!  What kind of a deer thinks he can jump over a Chevy Tahoe?  All they gotta’ do is go to a Chevy new truck lot and they’ll see they can’t possibly jump that high!  And this one sure didn’t make it.

The lady that saw what happened said the deer hit and spun around and fell on the road for just a second and then2014-11-12 10.24.54 took off back towards the field he had come from.  My wife was worried that the deer was out there in the dark severely injured.  I could care less; my poor Tahoe was obviously severely injured; to heck with the dumb deer!

So now I’ve got to get the Tahoe repaired.  It’ll cost me a few dollars and the deer won’t be around to pay his share.  He hit me so he was at fault and should have at least covered my deductible.

Oh, deer!  What an evening!

10 Nov. ’14 – Catching Up

Went to my Son’s house on Saturday for Chris’ 16th Birthday.  He didn’t actually have a birthday party since he’s getting a little too old for that and his actual birthday is today.  

Jimmie and I watched the stupid Baylor – OU game.  As you can guess, OU didn’t come out on the winning end.  They really, really sucked this game.  That’s kind of how they’ve done all year after having such high hopes for a Championship year.  Final score was Baylor 48 – OU 14!  That’s the first time Baylor has beaten OU at Norman since they have been playing football.  OU is really getting depressing to even read about.  They have/had such good talent but they aren’t learning a thing.  They played better at the beginning of the year than the are doing now.  I think the win in Surgar Bowl over Alabama really screwed up the teams real capabilities.  They and everyone else thought they were a very good team.  Ranked in the top 5 to start the season and now they are #24 and bearly hanging on to that.  I think Josh Hepul and Mike Stoops are going to have to find other jobs cause they aren’t teaching/coaching the OU guys very well.  Same mistakes over and over.

Ok, that’s enough of a rant.  I’ll calm down by the end of the week.  At least I don’t have to be concerned about watching another OU game this year.  As far as I’m concerned, the season is over!

Bought some cargo pants and a buckless belt from Duluth Trading Company!  They supposedly make very tough pants for the workplace and make them for MEN!  If you look at their web page, it’s dripping with stuff about how MEN need to have clothes that fit right in all the right places.  No killing yourself just because you bend over or kneel down.  I’ll find out how good their stuff is in a few days.

4 Nov ’14 – Gotta’ Bite on the Carts!

Nothing real spectacular but I got an email asking about one of the carts I have up for sale on Craigslist.  This is one of two that we bought while living at the apartment last year.  I’ve got them up for sale for $20 each or both for $35.  Had them up for a while before but no one would get around to giving me cash, so they sit in my garage.

It seems that people who want one of these don’t have reliable transportation!  Strange that, but if I though about it a little, I should see that that’s probably going to be the majority of the people who would  buy these carts.  They are for carrying groceries and stuff from the store so it shouldn’t surprise me that people asking about them can’t haul their stuff in a car.  This is the case with the current buyer.  We’re going to drop one off at the Alamo Cafe next Saturday evening while we have dinner.

Cleaning lady is her doing her thing.  And yes, we got someone new.  This is about the fourth time they have sent a new person.  It’s getting a bit frustrating to have to show someone else the entire house for them to clean again!

3 Nov ’14 – Up on Craigslist Again!


1415046435_thumb.jpegRamona has decided to sell her ultrabook, i.e., laptop.  She doesn’t use it much and certainly hasn’t taken it around with her anywhere.  This laptop was made to be carried around.  It only weights about 2.6 lbs. but has has a 13.3” screen which is really, really nice.  The thing is skinny.  It comes in a pouch that looks like a manilia folder.

I’ve used it on ocassion and it is pretty fast.  It has a 128GB SSD for storage which isn’t very large but that is usually just for installing the operating system and some programs.  We’ve got everything on it that you would need to do office stuff, surf the Internet, email and anything else and that SSD is only about half full.  If you wanted to store photos and stuff on it, you can use the SD card reader or even attach a portable hard drive.

We’re asking $550 for this ultrabook which is only 2 years old.  Don’t know if I’ll get any takers or not.  Some times things sell on Cragislist and other times they don’t.

I’m in my study listening to Sirius/XM Radio on one of my tablets, the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.  I have a bluetooth speaker that looks like a small tied in to the table so the sounds are coming from this speaker.  I can put the speaker about any where I want and still hear the radio shows.  This speaker is also much better than the built in speakers on most tablets.

Right now I’m listening to a show on the RadioClassics channel number 82 (I think).  This channel plays old radio shows all day long.  Some are comedy like Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Abner and Lum, The Great Gildersleeve, Burns and Allen, The Life of Riley and a bunch of others.  These shows are dated back to the ’40 and the ‘50s.  Other shows are detective shows, and science fiction stuff.  I like the detective shows like “Let George Do It”, “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar”, “Dragnet” and some others.  Then there’s “The Shadow”, “The Whistler”, “X-Minus One” and a bunch of others.  Oh, yeah, it’s crazy listening to Vincent Price as “The Saint’.

I don’t really care for the comedy shows.  They seem pretty lame.  I do like listening to them talk about what’s going on with the war (WWII).  They talk about War Bonds a lot and a lot of the commercials are really pushing buying War Bonds.  Some of the detective shows deal with catching German spies and the FBI.

Anyway, it passes the time of day pretty quickly.  If you’ve not listened to Sirius/XM, you might want to try it sometime.  Yeah, it does require a subscription which isn’t always that cheap, but we listen to the ‘50s on our truck radio all the time.  No channel searching for good music any more no matter where we are.  There are tons of other channels availabe for all kinds of stuff.  I think it’s a pretty good deal and we’ve been subscribers since at least 1992!

I think it’s starting to rain outside.  They’ve been forcasting some cooler weather and rain for us today and tomorrow.  Looks like it’s coming in now.

30 Oct ’14 – Concealed Handgun Licenses (CHL) Training

I forgot to mentioned that I called a friend of mine, David, and asked if he would like to do the training course for a Concealed Handgun Licenses.  There’s a Groupon offer going around for two people to do this training for the price of one.  That’s not bad considering the training for one can be as high as $100.  Then there’s the range fee of $25 or so.  The class is an all day thing with some live firing at a range and then classroom work.  

I believe we’re going to the Wetmore Shooting Sports facility for the training and to a range they have available.  The classes seem to only be offered on a Saturday and it looks like the only Saturdays remaining in this year are Nov 8 or 22nd.  David has to see which Saturday he can get off so I’m waiting on him to work out his schedule.

Why am I doing this?  Because I want to and it sounds interesting.  I doubt that I’ll be carrying any kind of handgun around after I get my licenses but you never know.  

Oh, yeah, the licenses itself costs about $140 after you get the training.  So all this isn’t cheap.

30/31 Oct ’14 – Day Before Halloween and Halloween

Ok, I think I’ll start writing almost on a daily basis about what I (and Ramona) do during our day.  I promise this won’t be very exciting but may give you an idea of what it’s like to be retired.

Today is Halloween.  Yesterday or maybe it was Wednesday, we went to Target and loaded up on Halloween candy.  We bought stuff that we would like to eat just in case we can’t give it all away.  I don’t know how many kids we’ll have at our door this year.  Last year we had a few but nothing like we had at the Wildhorse home.  Still, there have been some new houses built in our neighborhood so I’m sure there are a few more kids around now.  The school bus stops down at the corner every day and I see a bunch of kids trudging up the hill towards home so I know there are a bunch around. I don’t think we’ll run out of candy; well, I hope we don’t.  That means there won’t be any left for me!

I got a haircut yesterday.  I’m just shy of being bald but I do have enough to get cut once in a great while.  This new barber shop I found near our Dentist is ran by a couple of oriental ladies or at least that’s all I’ve seen in there the times I’ve went.  They do a very good job of just cutting hair, nothing fancy, just a haircut.  Still, they also add a few nice touches that I’ve not had before.  When they’re about done, they do this scalp massage with their fingers and does that ever feel great.  The go all over my head and then down to my neck.  I’m surprised my head doesn’t fall off!  Then yesterday, she asked if I wanted a hot towel.  I wasn’t sure what I would do with it but I told her, sure!  She then placed this steaming towel on my face and began to massage my face and neck with this towel covering me.  Man, was that ever nice.  I think I’ll be going back a few more time.  Wished my hair grew faster!

Ramona found a new nail salon on the internet that’s much closer to our house.  She had been going to the North Star Mall but that’s a ways away.  So this place had some good reviews and was easy to find right at the corner of Evans Road and Encino Rio.  We walked in to an empty shop.  There wasn’t any other customers there and the owner and a nail tech were at the back talking.  As soon as we entered, the owner asked what we would like and had the nail tech start working on Ramona.  She did a very good job, much better than the North Star Mall and for a cheaper price.  I sat and waited but the shop didn’t smell very bad so it wasn’t a problem sitting there and reading.  We’ll probably go back there for future nail jobs.

It’s good to be finding all these business so close to our house.  We have the all scouted out on the west side of town so now we have to find new places and we’re having pretty good luck.  Right after moving here we found a new Dentist not very far from the house.  And of course we know where there’s an emergency hospital only 3 miles from us.

That’s about it for yesterday.  I’ll write tomorrow on how successful our Halloween turns out after the monsters visit our house this evening.