A Little Progress Means A Lot!

19 May 2013 – It’s been about a week since we had been to the lot. Last time we were there, we expected to see them about ready to pour the concrete foundation.  In fact, the construction manager said that was to be done on 13 May.  It didn’t happen.

Plumbing lines are in but foundation not poured.
Plumbing lines are in but foundation not poured.

What was done?  Well, it looked like the plumbing was laid in and apparently capped.  Travis, our personal professional plumber, nice to have one of those in the family, went out there and took a look at it.  He had a few concerns which I conveyed to the sales rep., Andy Cobb.  One of the things he saw was that we had no back-flow valve installed near the clean out.  That’s usually installed to prevent sewage from backing up into the house.  He also was questioning if they had done a leak test to make sure none of the fittings were leaking.  And finally, he pointed out that the sewage connection from our house to the city main was going to be under the driveway!

The answers I got from Andy Cobb and verified by Erica, our Real Estate lady, were as follows:  the back-flow valve isn’t required by the county in this area.  Part of the reason is that the sewer system has been dug extremely deep and a backup of the entire system is not very likely.  And none of the other homes built in this area have one.  OK, so I guess that’s that.

On the next issue, about testing the plumbing pipes that were in, Andy confirmed with the construction manager and he said that the pipes were full of water and that they were going to be inspecting them for leaks the next day or so.

And finally, even I could see why having our sewer connection under the driveway might be a problem, but, apparently, the city sewage lines that were put in a long time ago, went where they went and didn’t give any consideration to where my house was to be built.  That’s the way it happens and there’s nothing I can really do about it.  Travis told me that there wasn’t anything that probably could be done but he thought I should point it out which we did.

Ok, so all that was about a week ago.  They still haven’t poured the foundation but it’s getting closer.  The picture below looks like they should be just about ready and I think that will happen on Monday.  (Click on the pictures to get a bigger view.)

Almost a foundation!
Almost a foundation!
We will have a very small backyard, but who cares!
We will have a very small backyard, but who cares!








Oh, yeah!  I about forgot.  We also got a big package of papers from our financial guys.  They’ve been kind of quiet lately.  I didn’t know if there was really much for them to do once I dumped all the financial information they asked for in one day on them a few weeks ago.  But, now they are getting back at us by sending us a inch thick stack of papers and asking Ramona and I to sign and initial on almost every one.
Well, about an hour later we got that done but I had a question about how much money we were going to have to bring to closing on this new house.  I wasn’t seeing the number that I had spelled out like I thought it should.  So, I did what I normally do, I called Erica and she once again, came to our rescue!  I believe she talked to the guys at the finance office and asked them point blank why my number wasn’t showing up.  How’s that for being direct!

She then sent me an email, clearly explaining how the number I was seeing included everything that we were to bring to the table at closing and that number was just about the same number I had when everything was added all up.  So, mystery solved and I could breath a little bit easier.

Financially, we’re very comfortable with the price of the house, and our new house payment.  Neither are as low as we would have liked but then we expected both to be different than our previous house.  So, now we know what we’re going to pay for our new house, for ever and ever!  That’s OK, we just need to get it built and then get moved in.

Not Much Happening!

2 May 2013 – We had a pre-construction meeting today with Andy Cobb and the construction manager who will be in charge of getting our house built.  I, for the life of me, can’t remember his name, but, he probably can’t remember mine either so were about even.

Anyway, we went over the floor plans to ensure he knew exactly what we wanted with the new house.  We moved some walls and added some closet space so he wanted to make sure he was looking at the same configuration we were.  We didn’t actually have very many changes or identify anything that was not already noted in the drawings.  We found out a little more about the look of the windows in the house, especially the back master bed room bow windows.  That’s going to look real sharp and we’re going to have to invest in some non-standard curtains for those.  It only took us about an hour and that was done.  The construction manager said that his crew would probably be pouring the foundation on 13 May.  After that, everything would be moving pretty fast.

We did drive by the lot and noticed they had done an initial clearing of the lot!  At last something had been done.  It was wet that day so we couldn’t get out and see much but we could see where they had pushed a bunch of boulders over into the next vacant lot and got them out of our yard.  I would think that next week, they’ll start framing the foundation so it will be ready for pouring on or about 13 May according to the construction manager.

18 April 2013 – Andy Cobb called and asked if we could come over and look at the new floor plans.  It was about 1 pm and we were not doing much so we took a short drive to the Wilshire Homes model home sales office. Andy was in his office and came out with a set of floor plans that were extremely hard to read!  Very small print since they were probably reduce down from the normal huge floor plan drawing sheets that architects usually produce.  I don’t know why they didn’t just have those available. Anyway, we looked them over and by squinting real had, we could make out some of the measurements for most all the rooms.  That wasn’t really necessary.  All we had to see was that the walls we wanted moved in the garage and the wall taken down in the fourth bed room had been done.  They built Ramona a nice huge sewing room with a big closet/storage area and I have  lots of storage space in the garage. Oh, we also got to see the very nice bow window built into the Master bed room.  That will give us a little more space and be very, very nice. I believe they have the floor plans done right.  We just signed on the top copy and that was that.  Took us all of thirty minutes.  We will still have a meeting with the construction manager sometime next week or so.  Work should also start soon with a survey getting done immediately.