Chiropractor Visit #8 – (7/10/09)

Today’s session will be a breeze. I already know that the doctor won’t be there so I won’t get “adjusted” today! I shouldn’t really dread that but it just seems to hurt if he doesn’t use the “thumper” thing. I don’t know why I can’t just have the doctor treat me like he does every other patient but I’m just not ready for that.

The first thing I do after signing in is tell Nurse Norma that my pain has moved to my hip more than my back. So, she takes me back for my electro-shock/massage and she asks if I want it done on my hip. I said sure and she tells me it would be best if I laid down on the table on my left side. I know I need the treatment but I don’t lie on my left side very often. Still, I get up on the table and without kicking anyone and without knocking anything over, I eventually get on my left side. Why do I fell like a circus elephant performing a trick?

As I said, I don’t lie on my left side very often and once I’m lying on it, I can feel all my weight shifting. I read somewhere that horses can’t lay on their side very long because their internal organs can crush each other and cause severe internal damage. Now why would I be remembering something like that now?
ElephantNorma starts preparing my hip for the electro-massage and in order to do so she needs to get to my bare hip! I realize that this is going to require me to unbuckle my belt and loosen my jeans around my waist. Well, there’s no one else in the room except Nurse Diana and it’s not like I’m completely disrobing so, I do what I have to and Nurse Norma gets me hooked up

I noticed that I can’t feel the massage as much in this area as I can when it’s on my back. So I have Nurse Diana crank it up and finally it’s really going and noticeable. Initially, electro-massage feels like a thousand needles sticking you very rapidly. It doesn’t hurt but really tingles. After a few minutes, I can hardly tell it’s doing anything but I can still feel the tingling. It feels really good. I suppose this could get painful if you were to really crank it up, but we won’t go there!

I lie there for about 15 minutes and then Nurse Diana comes in and unhooks me. She then asks if I would like my ultra-sound now so I won’t have to get up and lie down again. Sounds like a good idea, so she does that for about 3 minutes.

Next I get my 15 minutes of decompression. I’m wrapped up real tight and feeling good. It seems like no time and the 15 minutes is over.

I walk out of the office and my hip is feeling pretty good. I think we put the treatment in the right spot this time. Problem is, this is the last treatment for the week. I’ve got two days to see how I feel before I come back for more treatment. I am walking pretty good now but still not pain free.

According to the schedule, I still have 12 more visits so I can only get better, right?

Chiropractor Visit #7 – (7/9/09)

I head to my treatment today with some concern. There will be a stand-in doctor today and I’m not so sure I want someone I don’t know working on my back. To me, it’s scary enough to let the regular doctor do his thing and now I have to trust a stranger. I know this is probably just me but I’ve had too many muscle spasms lately that really hurt!

Anyway, I get to the chiropractor’s office and sign-in. Then Nurse Norma comes up and says that I won’t be getting adjusted today since the stand-in chiropractor doesn’t have a “thumper”. Most likely Dr. G. left good notes and told them not to adjust me without using the “thumper”. Good notes-ha! Great notes! What a relief!

Decompression tableSo I go straight back to the decompression room and Nurse Diana wraps me up good and tight. I relax and get my 15 minutes there. Once again, this feels very good. If you’ve never had this done then you don’t know what you’re missing. The results from these treatments will show up over time but I can definitely feel the machine working during the 15 minutes. Nurse Norma comes in and unwraps me. As she does the first wrap, I kind of gasp when the wrap is released since it was pretty tight! I do notice it’s easier to breath now! I don’t think Nurse Diana knows how strong she is with those wraps!

After that I’m given a good 15 minutes of electro-shock treatment and then about 3 minutes of soothing ultra-sound. That feels so good! Nurse Diana does these very, very well.
And that’s another treatment. I know they don’t sound like much but I’m probably in the office for at least 30 minutes each day. Sometimes it depends on how many other patients are in for treatment but usually it’s about 30 minutes.

After each treatment, I feel really good. My back is doing pretty good. I can’t say I’m pain free, yet! I still have a nagging pain in my right thigh. It’s like something is not in the right place or maybe a nerve is still being pinched. It still hurts when I sit. I can feel the pain when I drive sometimes and then sometimes not. It really is painful to turn and step out of my truck. I don’t know if these treatments will clear all this up. It sure would be nice if they do but I’m not certain they will at this point.

Chiropractor Visit #6 – (7/8/09)

Another 9 AM appointment. My Wife has a doctor’s appointment this afternoon so I needed to get this one done this morning.

Customer LogoTNurse Normahis time I arrive just as the office is open. Nurse Norma is there and after I sign-in she takes me back to the decompression room and I get decompressed. After that 15 minutes, Dr. G. has come in and he’s ready to do my adjustments. I’m not looking forward to this. My back is kind of sore from yesterday! I tell the doctor that and he says he’ll just use the “thumper” on me today! Oh, what a relief!

Once that’s done, I’m back over to the electro-shock and ultra-sound treatments, in that order. Since it’s early and Nurse Diana isn’t in yet, Nurse Norma gets to do everything. She’s really busy this morning and I can hear the phone ringing off the hook too. Anyway she still finds time to hook me up and then tend to me for the 3 minutes of ultra-sound.

After that, I’m out the door and headed home. Again, my back feels pretty good. I’m still sensitive when I sit although my back does seem to feel fine. It now feels as though the pain is trying to move to my hip. I hurt when I sit and get up and down. Walking doesn’t seem to be a real problem but I do take it carefully.

Ok, I’ve got another treatment tomorrow so let’s see how the rest of the day goes!

Chiropractor Visit #5 – (7/7/09)

I’m sad to report that Dr. G’s Father passed away over the weekend. My condolences to him and his entire family.

I went in at Noon again today and after checking in I meet the Dr. G. in the adjustment room. I asked about his Father since I wrote yesterday that the doctor was gone Monday due to a family emergency. The Dr. G. then informed me of his sad news. I asked why he wasn’t at home but he said that he’d prefer to be at work to keep his mind occupied. I can understand that since I went through the same event in 2001. It is so unfortunate that we have to go through these sad and difficult experiences but they are a part of life.

Dr. G. asks me how my pain was doing and I gave him a run down. It is pretty easy in the morning but quickly gets worse. By noon I’m back to being stooped over and afraid that each step will cause a sharp pain in my back. I am able to walk more easily but pain is still there. I also tell him that he’s been pretty easy on me on at the adjustment table and that he now needs to start being a little more aggressive. Wow! Was that a mistake!

Chiropractic-tableI laid down and he starts right in on my lower back. He some how adjusts the bottom of the table so it feels like it is pushing up on my front which means my lower back is raised also. He then places his hands on my back and pushes down. CRACK! WHAM! I’m sure the table has broken and I know my back did! I’m on my face wishing I were somewhere else! But I think this has to be done.

Next he moves up my spine a little and up goes the table. CRACK! WHACK! I think I saw stars this time! That did kind of hurt…um, well maybe it didn’t? He then moves further up my spine with his hands and again presses down. Owww! Uh, I can’t breath! I have a real hard muscle spasm across the middle of my back and it is really hard to breath. I feel the doctor massaging my back a little and the spasms starts to subside. After that the doctor decides to take it a little easier on the rest of my spine and my neck. He finishes the adjustments with the thumping device.

I then get a very nice ultra-sound from Nurse Diana for about 3 minutes and then it’s back to the decompression table. I’m strapped in and feeling good. After that I get 15 minutes of electro-shock. And this session is done.

I prepare to leave the office and I almost, almost feel no pain! It feels great! I think the rough treatment that I got has really done some good. I walk to my truck and it stills feels pretty good. I drive home and I notice that I’m still sensitive while sitting. I can really feel the slightest bump in the road at my waist. Once I get home and start walking around, I’m really pleased by the lack of pain. It seems that this session did some real good. I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow, well maybe not all of it, but if this is how I get back to normal; bring it on!

Chiropractor Visit #4 – (7/6/09)

I made it through the three-day weekend without much of a problem but still with some pain. If I get a good night’s sleep, my back does real good the next morning. I have noticed that it’s not taking my back as long to settle down once I lay down as it has in the past. I’ve also noticed that I don’t have any muscle spasms even though sometimes I think they’re about to happen. By the middle of the night, my back is really relaxed and I’m feeling pain-free! I can move about and even roll over on my side and sleep comfortably for a reasonable amount of time. When I get up in the morning, I am mostly pain free for about two hours or more. After that the pain comes back!

Chiropractic signThis morning I do notice that my back pain feels more like a knot in my lower right side. My back is kind of stiff and I’m not having near as much trouble walking as I have in the past. I still have moments when I move forward and it feels like my top half is coming unhinged from my bottom half; sounds weird but feels even weirder!

I’m back to the Noon appointment. I arrive once again almost 20 minutes early but that doesn’t seem to be a problem. Nurse Norma tells me that Dr. G. had to leave on a family emergency so he won’t be in to do any adjustments! I’m sorry about his emergency but I don’t feel too upset about him being gone. Actually, I feel pretty relieved although he hasn’t done anything to me to make me feel that way. It’s just the thought of what he could do to my back!

I still get to have my ultra-sound and electro-shock. Nurse Diana gives me both treatments and they feel really good. I can feel the knot in my back slowly going away. After those which I think both sessions were longer than usual, I get to wait awhile for the decompression treatment since there’s someone else using the machine.

After about 15 minutes, it’s my turn. Nurse Norma hooks me up. She’s the one that tells me to take a deep breath and then she wraps me up tight but not real tight. Nurse Diana, on the other hand, tells me to suck in my stomach each time she wraps me up. Then she pulls the wraps really tight. Sometimes it’s almost hard to breath when Nurse Diana wraps me up but it doesn’t hurt.

So, I’m all hooked up and the decompression starts. It really feels good. After 15 minutes I’m done. Nurse Norma asks me if it felt different. I tell her not really but she tells me she bumped it up a notch which means she added another 1 lb to the pulling. She’ll progressively increase that as my back begins to feel better.

And better it does feel. I really am feeling better each time I walk out of the office. Once I get back into my truck, I kind of start feeling the old pain but it’s certainly not as bad.

Chiropractor Treatment #3 – 07.02.09

TransformersToday is a little different. I had my appointment at 9:00 AM since I was taking my Grand kids to the movies this afternoon. I hated to get up so early, but that’s the price I pay for being a lazy Grandpa!

I’m not sure about Thursday morning rush hour traffic so I leave my house a little early to make sure I get to the chiropractor’s office on time. I realize that they won’t open until 9 AM so I really don’t want to get there too early.

Uh, traffic was about non-existent this morning. And as usual when you’re not in a hurry, all the traffic lights turn green so you can zoom down the street. If I was running late, I know every one of those lights would have been red! Anyway, I get to the chiropractor’s office way too early; like I’ve got almost 20 minutes to wait! Even though it’s 8:40 AM in the morning it is getting hot. I have my book to read but I sure wished I hadn’t gotten here so soon.

At about 8:55 I noticed another patient walk up to the office door and he walks right in! I wonder how long that door has been unlocked? It doesn’t take me long to get out of my truck and get in to the cool office. I see Dr. G. behind the counter but no nurses or assistants.

The doctor checks us both in and we fill out our paperwork. He then takes us back to the adjustment room and works on the first gentleman. I watch this with terrifying thoughts. If he does to me what he did to that guy, I’ll be screaming all day long! I tell him that and he just laughs and tells me that I’m in the same shape as this guy was when he first came in. That’s good to know that whatever treatment this patient has undergone has done him well, but for all I know he could have been coming in for the last ten years! Still, it sure would be nice not to have any pain in my back.

Dr. G. says he’s certainly not going to be as aggressive on me as he was on his first patient. And he keeps his word. He does some adjustments that feel fine and he is very gentle. I’m almost of the opinion that maybe I need to suck it up and let him really work on my back if I’m to get to feeling better. But not today!

I get my electro-shock and my ultra-sound again. And then I’m off for the decompression bed.

Once again, I feel very good after this treatment. I can walk pretty much without pain for now. I get in my truck and go home to get ready for my afternoon. I seem to have trouble just sitting and then standing. When I walk I’m afraid of taking a wrong step since it could hurt. It doesn’t always hurt to take a step but I’ve been in pain for so long that I think it will and that’s just as bad as if it did! Does that make sense?

I have three days without any treatments now. Hopefully they will not be very painful days but we’ll just have to see.

Chiropractor Treatment #2 – (07/01/09)

Well, this is my first regular treatment session. We’ve established a calendar where I will come in for 10 straight sessions and then 10 more every other day. I’ve elected to come in at 12:00 or Noon every day unless I have something I need to do that day.

As yesterday, I come in and fill out my paperwork which says I’m here on-time and my pain is still extreme and in the same location. I then go back to the manipulation room and Dr. G. is there waiting for me. I lie on the table which I really, really don’t like and he begins to adjust my back. Again, the table goes up and slams down and I make a noise! Owwww! Ugh!

It doesn’t really hurt all that much, it’s just such a shock that I’m not used to. Anyway, the doctor says that’s enough of that and he goes back to what I’ll call the “thumper” device. He runs that up my spine, thumping as he goes and does a few places on my neck. He says he’s done and I’m ready to move to the electro-massage and ultra-sound room. What a relief!

I get those two treatments and then move to the decompression room and get on the table. I’m given 15 minutes on the table and it really feels good.

I get up and I walk out of the office feeling really, really good.

Later that evening, my pain still comes back but I’m walking easier than I have for quite awhile. Part of the problem right now is that I’m expecting things to hurt so I’m real tentative in the way I step and walk. I just think my next step is going to hurt. Hopefully I’ll get over that soon.