My First Real Chiropractor Treatment – (6/30/09)

Early this morning I went to one of Baptist Hospital’s Clinics out in the Westover Hills area. I am surprised that they were not very busy although there were about six other people in the waiting room. We checked in and filled out some paperwork including giving them my insurance card. After about 15 minutes, I was taken back and got a series of X-rays taken. The technician was very professional; knew what she was doing and we were done in about 10 minutes. We waited another 10 minutes and then walked out with my X-rays in hand.

Today’s appointment is at 3:30 PM. I arrive just a little early and fill out an examination log sheet which I will have to do prior to every appointment. It lets me indicate what kind of pain I have today and its severity. Nurse Norma takes me back to an exam room and asks me to watch a 10 minute DVD that talks about the practice of chiropractic medicine. It’s pretty interesting but contains a lot of $100 words that I would hate to have to repeat.

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My First Chiropractor Visit! – (6/29/09)

Human skeletonI’ve had back pain for several years now. For at least the last three years that I worked, I had problems climbing all those stairs in my office building but I was too macho to use the elevator. It was even painful walking down the hallway but again when I saw anyone I knew, I would straighten up and act like nothing was going on at all. Since I have retired, I really wanted to get my back pain fixed but I kept putting it off until now!

When I complained to my personal physician about my back problem, he just prescribed more pain medication and muscle relaxants. I’m taking more pills than I can count and if it wasn’t for my Wife being so organized and conscientious about my medicine, I’d probably have overdosed a long time ago! Then again, I usually forget to take my pills if I’m not reminded so I really don’t think I’m in any danger of overdosing. But, I really need to get off so many pain killers and muscle relaxants. They can’t be that good for me.

My doctor did refer me to a back specialist that would treat me with injections of WD40! Well, that’s not really true. He did give me a series of injections in my back with some kind of steroid or cortisone that would lubricate some of the vertebrates mostly in my lower spine/lumbar. These injections did wonders for my back…for a while. And that’s the problem. They were treating the symptoms but not the cause. I wanted something done to permanently make the pain go away.

So, I got a referral to see a neurosurgeon. I kind of thought this was pretty drastic. No one that I’ve seen so far has even really looked at my back and made any kind of diagnosis of the problem. I don’t think I’m ready to have anyone cutting on my back just yet. Somebody needs to tell me what’s wrong first.

I’ve talked to my youngest Son who is a licensed professional plumber. His profession requires him to be physically active so he can’t afford to be laid up with back trouble. He’s had to go to a chiropractor twice to have his back and hip adjusted and both times he’s reported great success. Of course to hear him tell of his visits you would think he went to a wrestling match or was mugged in a back alley! He doesn’t paint his visits to his chiropractor as very painless and more pain isn’t what I’m looking for!

But, I thought I should at least give this “alternative medicine” a try. That’s how my health insurance classifies chiropractic services. Unfortunately, they also don’t cover any of the cost of “alternative medicine” which I just don’t understand. Still, I need to find a chiropractor that isn’t a quack and in the business just to file accident and insurance claims.

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I Enter the Relm of the Periodontist!

17 June 2009.

I have a 1:30 PM appointment with my periodontist. I don’t know this guy and we’ve never been to his office so this is going to be an experience. I figure that I’m in no danger during this first visit since he’ll just be checking me out.

As usual, we plan on being at a new doctors office a little early since there’s always paperwork to fill out. So we show up at this new office complex not far from our house. The place looks expensive!

I try the door to go in and it’s locked! That’s strange. It’s 1:15 PM and his office is locked. I bang on the door and I hear nothing in return. A glimmer of hope starts rising. Maybe I’ll be saved from this, I just know, terrible experience.

It’s now 1:25 and there are five other patients standing outside the periodontist’s door waiting for their 1:30 PM appointment. Now, either this guy is pretty darn fast working or he’s got a bunch of other periodontists in there somewhere waiting for us. I just don’t understand scheduling 5 patients for the same 1:30 PM appointment.

I’m standing by the door cause I figure whoever gets in first ought to have the first 1:30 PM appointment, right!

Finally, the door opens and in zip my lovely Wife and I! We’re first! Oh, my! What nice air conditioning this place has. Sure beats standing outside in the 150 degree heat! I’m just a little ticked that the office wasn’t open earlier.

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