I Gotta’ Get My Teeth Cleaned!

ToothbrushI brush my teeth at least twice a day, every day! I’ve done that almost all my life except when I was a teenager, in the service, and a few years after I was married. During those times I didn’t brush twice a day, I brushed at least once, most of the time!

And I’ve still got my own teeth, well, most of them anyway! But lately, after my lovely Wife went through some pretty tough dental times, I finally figured I’d better get serious about keeping these choppers I now have.

So, it was off to the dentist with my beautiful Wife right there along side me.

I don’t like dentists! Don’t know why. Just because they ripped out all four of my wisdom teeth when I was around 14 doesn’t give me cause to not like them, but I really don’t like to go to the dentist. It’s probably has something to do with them telling me that I really need my teeth cleaned every time I see them. Really! Why should I have to have a dentist clean my teeth when I brush twice a day!

Still, I went to my dentist on the 14th of May at 2:00 PM. His assistant puts me in this terribly uncomfortable dental chair. My legs are sticking to the plastic on the lower part of the chair. When I move them, it’s trying to pull my skin off! And then, I swear, this chair has arm rests were they shouldn’t be and the back is like a concrete spear sticking in my back. I just can’t get comfortable in it no matter what.

So, the dental assistant asks me if I’m all comfy and I say, “Sure, I’m fine.”

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