Finally, My Teeth ARE Clean! All of Them! – (8/1/2009)

Today is the day! Today is the day I get the second half of my teeth sparkling clean! This is going to be a breeze. Compared to my first cleaning experience and tooth extraction, today should be a piece of cake! Um, at least it was supposed to be that way!

I am brave! I am fearless! I am going to the periodontist by myself! My beautiful wife will stay at home taking care of business while I alone venture forth bravely to face the periodontist and all his instruments of torture! I can do this; I am fearless!

What am I doing? I must be nuts!

I arrive at the periodontist office at about 9:40 or so for my 10 AM appointment. I want to be early in case they can get me in and out early. I have another chiropractor visit today at Noon, so I’d like to get this simple operation done and be able to go to my Noon appointment.

Boy! How naive and unprepared was I for this day!

First thing, I couldn’t get the door to the periodontist office to open! I pushed on the handle and it wouldn’t budge. I thought, oh, surely they open before 10:00 AM but who knows about this place. They have some strange hours. Anyway, as I stood there looking at the door lock, I kept telling myself that it was just too hot already this morning to stand out here waiting for another 20 minutes so I did what any normal person would do, I tried to open the door again!

Well, they must have came and unlocked it because this time it opened right up! Stupid door handle!
So, I walk in and I see the receptionist. She says, “Hello. The periodontist is running a little late today so we’ll get to you as soon as possible.”

“Ok!”, I said, “I’m early anyway.” I said this without any trembling in my voice or anything.

So now I wait. There are no magazines that I want to read on the coffee table. I don’t think any of the magazines were printed in this century anyway! If history buffs every wanted to find historical records all they would ever need to do is look in a doctor or dentist office. They keep magazines, especially National Geographic magazines for 300 years on their coffee tables. I know.

doom and gloomSo I’m waiting some more. My appointment is at 10:00 AM. It’s now 10:10 and I’m still waiting! There hasn’t been anyone else come into the office nor anyone leave since I got here. It’s now 10:20 AM and I’m still waiting. If there’s one thing I have, that’s patience. I can usually wait for anything if I have to, some times. It’s now 10:30 AM and no one has even looked at me since I came in. By rights, I should have just left and had them re-schedule when it was convenient for me but I have a hunch that it never would have been convenient!

Because I left my wonderful Wife at home, I, myself, cannot go home without getting my teeth cleaned. There is no way in the world that I could convince her that they just kept me waiting too long! I’m stuck here for ever if that’s how long it takes!

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Chiropractor Visit #15 – (7/31/09)

I had to reschedule this session to 3:30 PM since I had my dental appointment this morning. I’m fairly recovered from this morning’s appointment but I feel like I’m worn out already. I kind of look forward to this session but not anything rough.

The doctor does some adjustments with the thumper but doesn’t try anything radical or hurting so that’s good. They are busy for a Friday afternoon so I only get the absolute necessary treatment.

I get a good 15 minutes of electro-massage and then about 3 minutes of ultra-sound. It’s then back to the decompression table and 15 minutes of this treatment.

That’s it. Another session done. According to Nurse Norma, I only have 3 left. I thought I had four but the next three will get me through next week and a fourth won’t add much to my treatment anyway.

I also found out that I have an MRI scheduled for 6 August at St. Luke’s and then a follow-up with Dr. Hilton on 11 August. We’ll see where this leads.

Some Very Poor Communications! – (7/30/09)

ToothbrushToday I was supposed to go see the Periodontist at 4:30 PM and have my right upper and lower teeth sand blasted or at least that’s what I thought!

I thought I was finally getting this done and over with at last. My teeth would be cleaner than they have ever been and will stay that way so help my Wife!

One thing that we were concerned about was if I would be able to eat after today’s treatment. Now I know some of you wouldn’t have even thought of that but we eat around 4:30 or 5:00 PM most every day and for me this is an exciting experience! I love to eat!

So, I expected that even though I would be numb, I could still probably eat. Now, I didn’t just rattle past that “numb” word very easily. I know the last session I had when they pulled out a tooth, I had to have my mouth deadened pretty much completely. I don’t like pain! Maybe that’s an understatement! And how they deaden my mouth is horrifying because, if you’ll remember, they have these two-foot long hypodermic syringes full of Novocaine that they jam in my mouth! I’m hoping that they don’t have to do that this time, but my very experienced Wife is already warning me not to get my hopes up!

Anyway, 4:30 PM comes and we’re at the periodontist. I’m called in by the receptionist, not someone in surgical garb so that’s different. I’m led into the very first exam room and not down the long, long dark hall so I don’t have to see all those empty black dental chairs.

This room is kind of empty. There’s a tray in front of me but there are absolutely no instruments on it. Something is kind of weird here!

I’m waiting for about 15 minutes or so and in comes the Periodontist. He says, “Hi, how are you doing?”

I say, “Well, I’m fine except for my back and hip.” But, before I can get that out, WHAM goes the back of the dental chair!

I kid you not! Why does this guy think a sudden jarring drop of your back would feel good? It sure didn’t the last time and it sure didn’t this time! Owwww!

Anyway, I recover from this and he says, “Oh, sorry. I remember about your back, now!” Duh!

He asks me to open my mouth which takes a moment because my teeth won’t come unclenched. Eventually, I do get my mouth open and he puts in this mirror on a stick that is about a foot around. He’s also got this steel poker thing in his other had and he’s poking around in my mouth. He says everything looks great. The empty socket that once held my back tooth has healed nicely. He asks me if it will feel good to get the rest of my teeth as clean as my left side.

I tell him sure and that’s what I’m here to have done today!

Well, what we have here is a failure to communicate! Big time! He says this was just a follow-up to check out his previous work! He’s not prepared to do any cleaning today and I’ll have to come back some other day!

Well, I was ready for some pain and agony! But, it isn’t going to happen today! So, I’m both real happy and mad at the same time. When I made this appointment, the receptionist clearly asked me when I would like to come back in and have the right side done! There was no indication that I had to do a follow-up and then come back. If I had known about this only being a follow-up, I wouldn’t have worried so much about not getting to eat this afternoon!

Up comes the chair but this time I’m ready for it. I’m already sitting up and almost out of the chair before he can get it moved! Excellent move on my part. He leads me out to the receptionist and this time I tell her I want an appointment to finish getting my teeth cleaned.

So, we’re now set for 10:00 AM on Friday. That’s tomorrow. I should be able to eat breakfast and shouldn’t have too much problem eating lunch afterwords since most of the Novocaine should have worn off by 1:00 PM.

This next teeth cleaning should be a breeze since they won’t be ripping out any of my teeth. Although there will be a lot of sand blasting and chiseling and grinding, I don’t think they’ll have to dynamite unless they find some pretty stubborn tartar.

Still, as brave as I am, I can take anything, right?

Chiropractor Visit #14 And More – (7/30/09)

Yes, I know, I just had a session yesterday but that was “out-of-cycle”. Today, I’m back at Noon on schedule.

I get there and it’s another pretty routine session. The doctor does a little to my hip and thigh and also uses the thumper all up and down my spine.

After that Nurse Diana works me over with the massager that they used yesterday! Again, this feels really, really good. I’ve got to get me one of these machines! After that it’s more electro-massage, some ultra-sound and then AND THEN, Nurse Diana used the massager on me again! Oh, that was just wonderful. She gave me another 10 minutes at least. It was sooooo nice.

Once that’s done it’s on back to the decompression machine. I get 15 minutes of that treatment.
I’m feeling great as I walk out the door and can’t believe that I was hurting so bad on Monday.
One thing I did on Monday was to call the neurosurgeon’s office and see if they could work me in earlier than 10 August as scheduled. They said that I could come in today at 3:30 PM. It was just luck that we had already, last week, visited the imaging place and asked that the lastest MRI I had back in Jan ’07 be sent to the neurosurgeon’s office.

We get there and I fill out the obligatory 10,000 pages of medical paperwork! I don’t even think anyone ever reads that stuff cause they ask the same questions when you go in to see the doctor!
We weren’t sure what this appointment would bring. Since I had never seen this doctor before I didn’t think he would be able to do much during this visit. We even suspected that he would just tell me to go get a new set of MRIs but they could have told us that on the phone. I’m also not sure why I’m seeing a neurosurgeon right now. I certainly don’t want to have surgery right now since no one has yet to tell me what is really wrong with my back or my hip.

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Chiropractor Visit #13 – (7/28/09)

A new day and a new me! Thank goodness! I’ve recovered from my serious spasms of yesterday and called the chiropractor’s office to see if I could get in for a “make-up” appointment. They said,”No problem.”, which I expected since they really have been most accommodating during this entire treatment saga.

PillsPillsI need to say something about the emergency medication I was put on. It’s a strange one in that the first day, or last Monday, I was supposed to take 6 of these tiny tablets. It’s called Methylprednisolone. Don’t ask me how to pronounce that or what it supposed to actually do. All I can say is that it worked and is apparently still working. The dosage starts out at 6 tablets the first day, 5 the next, 4 the next, and so on. You’re supposed to take every dosage regardless of how many you might have to take at one time. In other words, on Monday, if it had been real late in the day, I could have taken all 6 tablets at one time. It says so on the package!

I took the Hydrocodone a couple of times and that pretty much knocked me out so I’ve stopped taking that stuff. So far I haven’t felt any side effects from either medication. It certainly has stopped the spasms and my hip and leg feel pretty good. Tomorrow I’m down to three pills, so Sunday is when this stuff is all gone. We’ll see what happens then.

The combination of the two meds on Monday were enough to shut me up (I was yelling in pain way too much) so I’m sure my lovely Wife is happy about that! I don’t blame her one bit.

So, today I went in at about 9:30 AM and they weren’t busy at all. The chiropractor’s office never seems busy but I do know they stay open until 7:00 PM so they have a lot of time for patients to come in.

When I got there the doctor started working on my hip. He didn’t do a whole lot cause I was sore and after the spasm attack I didn’t feel like I wanted him beating on me either. Still, he used the “thumper” and did adjust my back, hip, thigh, and all up my spine. He’s very gentle but the thumper seems to be doing it’s job.

After that it was over to the treatment room. Here Nurse Norma decided to hook up the big massager. This is a two-handed machine that has a flat pad on one side and handles on the other with a motor in the middle. It massages like one of those dirt pounders you see when making a sidewalk. It also feels real, real, real good on my back hip and thigh. They really work me over with this and it is just great. I have to buy myself one of these massage machine or one like it. It really loosens up my hip and thigh muscles and makes them feel really good. I have already asked Nurse Norma if she could bring her massager and herself to my house about ever hour or so for additional treatment but she said she couldn’t do that! Wonder why?

One of the problems with using the massager is that it makes the Nurse’s hands numb after about 5 minutes of use. That tells you a little of how powerful this thing really is.

After that she hooked me to the electro-massager machine and I had this really cranked up. This also feels really good and does some deep massaging. After about 10 minutes of this I get about 5 minutes of ultra-sound.

Then it’s back to the decompression machine and 15 minutes of spinal stretching. You know you can’t really tell what this machine is doing other than you do feel the pulling and releasing while it is working. But after what, 12 sessions, my back is feeling better than it has in a long time. I can stand up straight and walk pretty normal and I attribute this directly to the decompression or “rack” machine. I don’t think I’m much taller but I would like to think it is making me taller!

As I walk out the office door, I’m amazed at how much better my back and hip are feeling after one day. What a difference. Yesterday, I was lying in my bed sweating like a pig and in extreme pain and here today, I am almost pain free and walking around. Thank goodness I’ve got my wonderful Wife and getting some good chiropractic treatment!

Pain and Agony in the Extreme!!! – (7/27/09)

[The following describes my Monday in some painful detail. It’s not meant to be humorous because there was certainly nothing humorous about this painful episode. I don’t know why it happened nor do I wish that it ever happen again! Lastly, I am better, much better and still working to completely get rid of my hip pain!]

Today started out like any other day. I got up and felt OK. Went to take a shower and shave which I do every morning as usual. My leg felt OK getting up but in the shower it started hurting a little which isn’t all that different from other mornings.

By the time I was dressed and ready to go down stairs, I noticed my hip was feeling a little sore. I headed on down stairs and started my breakfast. I had my bowl of cereal and my toast on the table and had started sitting down to eat and read the morning paper.

My hip and leg started hurting some thing terrible. I couldn’t sit comfortably even though I squirmed around trying to get situated where the pain was bearable. It wasn’t getting any better. In fact, it was hurting something terrible!

I decided to get up and walk it off. I started walking around the house and my hip and leg were just getting worse. Sorry, but this was no laughing matter. The pain in my leg was constant and it was a searing, ripping pain going from my hip all the way to just about my knee. It felt as if some one had stuck a knife in my hip and was pulling it down to my knee. Pretty gruesome but the pain was just as gruesome!

I couldn’t help but yell every time my leg would start another spasm. No matter how I stood or sat, the pain was just getting worse and worse. I’ve never felt this kind of pain all down my leg, ever!

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Chiropractor Visit #12 – (7/22/09)

I got up this morning and was in pretty good shape. My hip hurt a little but not that much. It was still hurting only a little after I got downstairs and ate breakfast. Yesterday, my back and hip was sore where the doctor adjusted me the day before but it wasn’t feeling too bad. I have my appointment today at 11 AM.

I got to the chiropractor on time and they were ready for me. I went in to be adjusted and Dr. G. asked me how I was feeling. We discussed my hurt, i.e., that most of the hurt was in my hip. He indicated that at least my back was getting better and I have to admit that it is. I don’t have any back spasms any more and I can lie down on the bed without screaming!

Bambi-thumper-adultAnyway, I had to lie face down on the “adjustment” table and the doctor went to work on me. Right away he noticed that I was a “little sensitive” to the table adjustment. Must have been my scream when he pushed on my back. So, he then got the “thumper” and finished adjusting me with that all the way to my neck.

After that I got about 10 minutes of electro-shock/massage by Nurse Diana followed by 5 minutes of ultra-sound. My hip and leg felt just great. The pain really goes away for the most part after these treatments, but it does come back in the evening. Sure feels good while it’s gone.

I then get to go back to the decompression machine. Dr. G. upped the pull by another 2 lbs. I really couldn’t tell the difference. It seemed to pull the same for the 15 minutes I was getting treated. No matter, this treatment does feel good. I do believe I have grown a little after 12 sessions on the “rack”.

Ok, I’m done for today. I feel pretty good. My hip pain is gone as I walk out of the office. It stays gone most of the rest of the afternoon. My wife and I actually ran around shopping after her lab appointment at 2 PM. I was walking upright for the most part. It only hurt getting out of the truck. I have to get both feet planted firmly under me before I can take a step. Later in the afternoon around 4 PM, I was getting some of the pain in my hip. I think I’ve got some pinched nerves that’s not getting fixed by the chiropractic treatments.

Still, it’s not really bad, in fact, it’s a lot better than it has been in a long while.

Chiropractor Visit #11 – (7/20/09)

Well, it’s been six days since my last treatment. I’m glad and surprised to say that it hasn’t been that bad! I managed to hobble through all six days with some nagging pain but I was able to walk and go places like I used to do without much of a problem.

In fact, when I got up Friday, I felt really good. The pain had subsided in my lower back and it was only noticeable in my hip. As the weekend went on, I came to realize that the pain had indeed centered on my thigh/hip and not in my lower back. I go in today at Noon so I’m going to see if the Doctor can really do something specifically targeted to my hip.

I got to the office just a little early. There appeared to be only one other patient so I went right into the adjustment room. Dr. G. asked me to lay face down on the table which I did and then he did some serious adjustments on my back and front! Yes, the table did go “WHACK” about three times. He also pushed on my hip and all up and down my back. I didn’t scream or anything although when he pushed directly on my back up near my lungs, I did lose my breath for a moment. He then asked me to lay on my back which he hadn’t done before. This time he raised the table at my lower back and pushed down and in at my hip. “Whack” went the table. He did this again and I said that kind of hurt! Luckily, he said that was all the adjustments for today. But, here he was doing what I needed and targeting my hip pain. I could feel a difference!

I got up from the table and started to walk over to the electro-massage and ultra-sound room and I was shocked to notice that I felt very little pain in my hip area. Now, there was some pain, but let me tell you, it sure had subsided from what it was when I came in. I walked around a little more just to make sure I wasn’t imagining things and sure enough, the pain was pretty much gone! Now, this is just great. Problem is, we’ll have to see how long it stays gone.

Nurse Diana got me to lie down on a treatment table on my side so she could hook up the electro-massage stuff and she sapped me for about 15 minutes. After that it was about 5 minutes of ultra-sound and by then the decompression machine was free.

I went in and got decompressed for 15 minutes. I’m getting used to this so, although it does feel good, it’s kind of boring just lying there for 15 minutes.

Once again, I’m on my feet and walking towards the front door. Again, I notice that the pain in my hip has gone down greatly. If I move my foot laterally it is painful but if I just walk, it’s almost pain free…almost. I get into my truck and drive home. I notice that even sitting it’s not as bad as it was yesterday. And finally, once I get home, I walk around the house just marveling at how nice it feels not to be in constant pain.

So far this evening, the pain has stayed pretty much away. It’s still there and I have a twinge every so often but I think with more focused treatment, this might be what I was looking for at the beginning of these sessions.

I’m on an “every other day” schedule so I won’t go back until Wednesday. We’ll just see how long this new experience lasts.

Legos in SpaceThis picture has nothing to do with my chiropractor visits but I thought I’d throw this in since it was 40 years ago today that we landed on the Moon.


The Agony Starts! Excavating and Blasting! – (7/15/09)

Dental_surgery14 July 2009, a day that will live in infamy!

Ok, maybe that’s a little too dramatic, but I don’t think so! Some one in my household has accused me of over reacting to my dental experiences. Well, all I have to say about that is, “HA!”

What I’m writing to you about is actual, factual accounts of some pretty traumatic experiences that I have gone through. And believe it or not, I lived through these frightening experiences cause I’m one tough guy! So there!

When I go to the dentist or in my case a periodontist, I get treated differently than a dainty woman. I also notice things most women don’t even bother to notice. Like for example, while my lovely Wife might notice the nicely arranged furniture in the waiting room, I can sit there and hear the screams coming from behind THAT door! You know which door I’m talking about, it’s THAT door that someone in surgical garb opens to get you!

Why do they have to wear surgical clothes? I’m not here for major surgery or maybe they haven’t told me everything!

Today I’m supposed to have a tooth extracted and one side of my upper and lower teeth cleaned. That’s all, nothing else. I was told that having your teeth cleaned was no big deal, so why is this guy calling my name wearing surgical scrubs?

Upon hearing my name called, I acted on instinct. I ignored it! That’s clearly what my instincts were screaming for me to do. At that moment, my teeth felt perfectly fine. I had brushed them just before coming to the periodontist, so they were clean, so logically, I shouldn’t have to go through this ordeal, right? Unfortunately, Mr. Spock and logic weren’t sitting next to me. My Wife with the perfect hearing was, and made it very clear that my name had been called and I should go to my doom!

Slowly, I walked through THAT door! The dental tech said, “Follow me!” For some reason, I remember Lurch from the Adams Family saying the same thing, only Lurch sounded friendlier!

As I followed the dental tech down this long, long dark hallway, I continued to hear the screams of other unlucky patients being worked over that day! The screams seemed to get louder as I walked. We passed many, many small rooms with black dental chairs just idly waiting for their next victim, um, er, patient. Then we stopped at my room and I was told to sit in the black chair. Oh, man, I’m scaring myself to death!

So, I gingerly sit in the chair and I politely tell the dental tech that my back is hurting today and I would appreciate knowing when the chair-back was going to be lowered.

He said, “Ok!” and promptly, dropped the chair-back about 10 feet! He then said, “I’m lowering the chair-back!”

I think my back spasm lasted about 20 minutes. During that time, I could hardly breath but once I did start breathing, I kindly asked him to tell me BEFORE he moved the chair-back.

He said, “Ok!” I think he was beginning to suspect I was going to be a problem patient.

The dental tech then tells me that the periodontist will be in shortly to do the extraction and cleaning. He wants to know if I have any questions that he might answer before it all starts. I believe he did this because he knew very well that I wouldn’t be able to talk from that point on and especially after they were through with me!

I quietly asked if I could leave now, and he very firmly said, “No, your Wife wouldn’t like that!” and that was the last and only question I asked.

He put a huge, huge bib around my neck. I saw a tray of what I believe were instruments piled almost three feet high and covered with a blanket down near my feet. I know they were instruments cause some were poking from under the blanket. The tray was only about two feet wide and I’m sure some of these instruments were six feet or longer. They all had sharp points. I know. The dental tech never mentioned the tray.

I could hear the screams in the other rooms dying down now. It was getting quieter as I laid there, pondering my bloody future. I could now hear footsteps behind me coming closer.

In an instant, I was staring into the face of THE PERIODONTIST! He said, “You ready!” and then slammed the chair-back down another 10 feet!

Quietly from the corner of the room, the dental tech said, “Uh, he wants to be told when the chair-back is moved.”

Some how, while enduring this incredible searing pain in my back, through clenched teeth, I said, “Before, before!”

The Periodontist says, “Oh, Ok. Now, let’s have a look at those teeth.”

I open my mouth as wide as I possibly can and the Periodontist says, “Can you open as wide as you can?”

So, I open wider. My head is tilted back and I’m staring straight at the ceiling concentrating on keeping my mouth wide open and the dental tech, whom I lost sight off, swings this gigantic spotlight directly over my eyes. I am surely flash blinded for life! He then hands me a pair of dark glasses and says, “You should wear these!” If I had a guide dog with me I would have been all set!

Novocaine-PosterThe Periodontist now says he’s going to start the cleaning and eventual tooth extraction but first he needs to deaden the inside of my mouth. He takes two small q-tips and rubs the back inside of the left side of my mouth. He says that will start the deadening. I’m thinking that’s pretty good. Sure not like last time when they used needles. I hate needles!

What the heck! From somewhere the Periodontist has brought up this three foot hypodermic syringe with at least a four foot long needle dripping something from the end. And he points this thing at my mouth and before I can let loose a blood curdling scream he plunges it into my mouth! Oh, my, goodness! I’m in total shock. There’s no way I can go through the rest of this. I try to tell him that but my mouth feels funny! It’s all numb on one side and I can’t feel much. Well, maybe that’s the worst! And I kind of relax. And here comes another one of those dang monster needles! Whoa! Where’s he going to put that one? I very quickly find out. It goes right in my mouth again and another 10 gallons of Novocaine gets squirted right in my gums! Is this torture never going to end?

The next thing the Periodontist says is, “OK, let’s get started.”

What in the heck has he just done? As far as I’m concerned he has started and ended right this very second. If I could have talked I would have said, “I’m done.”, but all I got out was something like, “da da!”

So now the dental tech pulls that tray with the four foot pile of instruments right over to below my nose. He yanks the blanket off and you wouldn’t believe the kinds of evil stuff on that tray. I swear there were knives and forks and screwdrivers and stuff that looked like sticks of dynamite! And I ain’t exaggerating nothing!

He also pulls out this long hose with one of those slender vacuum attachments on the end and sticks it in my mouth. My tongue immediately feels like it’s being ripped out. Then the Periodontist says he’s going to have his tech put a water fountain in my mouth so they can suck and drain all the tartar out. As my mouth is filling with water, the Periodontist says it’s important not to swallow right now and the suction should take care of all that water. Well, the suction has most of my tongue stuck in it and I’ve got thirty gallons of water backing up like a clogged drain so somebody better do something and fast!

Finally, I free my tongue, don’t know what the dental tech’s doing, but slowly the water is going out that tube like it’s supposed to. Right about now, I’m figuring that it is best to just close my eyes. I either won’t see what they’re doing or maybe they’ll think I’m dead and quit!

Next thing I hear and feel is this sand blaster thing. The Periodontist is running it up and down and around my teeth throwing out huge clods of stuff (tartar). He’s got this in one hand and grabs a massive pick in the other (I’ve seen miners on TV carry those)! He tells the dental tech to grab that, I swear it sounded like “sledge hammer”, and in my mouth it goes.
Before I know it, that three-foot pile of instruments (must have been about 30) are all crammed in my mouth, there’s a vacuum cleaner hose stuck down my throat and a water fountain gushing somewhere forming a child’s swimming pool right under my tongue! The Periodontist and the dental tech have both hands in my mouth and asking me to open wider!

I hear a nurse come in and they mumble something to her about warning everyone of the impending explosions! I swear that’s what they said.

Finally, I think they’ve got my teeth cleaned but, oh, my, goodness, here comes the jackhammer to get that tooth that’s going to be pulled. It’s got to be broken up so it will come out easy! Who came up with that joke! Nothing about this has been easy or a joke!

I can feel the stainless steel pliers pulling the pieces of my tooth out and dumping them on the tray! Whang, goes one piece, whang goes another, then another, and another, and another. Man that was one big tooth! Oh, my! What if they forgot and just pulled all of them!

At last, I can feel all the instruments slowing being extracted. Oh, my mouth is feeling so nice and empty. Ah, now what’s this. Someone has just stuck a dirty sock in my mouth and he’s telling me to clamp down on it! Actually, the Periodontist has inserted some gauze in the place where my tooth was to help stem the bleeding but to me it tastes just like a sock!

The Periodontist say, “Ok, we’re all done!”, and wham, up goes the back of the chair. It sure was good that I was already gritting my teeth or they would have all been broken by now. I give a little groan and the Periodontist say, “Oh, sorry, I should have told you I was raising you up!” Ya think!

Of course I can’t say a thing cause one whole side of my face is completely gone. Well, it’s there, but I just can’t feel it. I’m led out to the reception area where my beautiful Wife is waiting. Best thing I’ve seen in the 30 days (she says only 30 minutes) they were working on me.

The dental tech hands us a 52 page sheet of instructions that I’m to follow for the foreseeable future. I also have a prescription for pain killers, antibiotics and some mouth wash (which I find out much later is the absolute worst mouth wash in the entire world).

SensesfailWAITINGROOMThey said to take it easy for the rest of the day. Be happy that you’re still alive and oh, by the way, when would you like your next appointment!


Chiropractor Visit #10 – (7/14/09)

I have to go in early again; I’ve got some dental work this afternoon, so it’s a 9 AM appointment with the chiropractor!

I get there at about 8:55 so I timed my drive pretty good. The office is open and Nurse Norma and Dr. G. are all there. I sign in and the doctor takes me back to the adjustment room.

I lie down on the table and he starts the adjustments. As last time he raises a part of the table near my lower back and then pushes down on my back. I hear a “Whack” and that’s the sound the table makes when it goes back into position. I don’t think it really hurt as much as I expected it to. And that’s my problem. I think it’s going to hurt and before I really give it a chance, I act and sound like it hurt but I don’t think it really does. Dr. G. does this a few more times and I start noticing that it really, really doesn’t hurt if I would give it a chance. Anyway, that’s all the adjustments for today.

I go in and get some eletro-massage and ultra-sound. As this is being done Dr. G. asks me if I have started my glucosamine usage. He had recommended this on my first visit as an aid in repairing and helping my joints. I told him that we had checked this stuff out at Walgreens but were confused as to the dosage and kind because there were so many to choose from. Still, I know I should at least try this since it certainly couldn’t hurt and anything that can stop this pain is worth the effort.

Beta-D-glucosamine-3D-ballsI also mentioned that my pain had settled in my hip as well as my lower back. He asked Nurse Norma to give me a second round of electro-massage on my hip after my decompression session.

That came next. Fifteen minutes on the decompression machine and that’s done. Now back to the electro-massage room. I have to lay on my side, which isn’t all that comfortable, but Nurse Norma gets me all hooked up and I get 15 minutes of great feeling electro-massage directly on my right thigh. After that, she does about 3 minutes of ultra-sound.

This additional treatment did wonders for my back and leg pain. I hardly feel it at all! With the additional adjustments that the doctor did, I’m really feeling pretty good.

I get in my truck and that feels easier to do and I don’t notice as much pain sitting as I drive home. This is a very nice feeling to be almost pain free.

But, it doesn’t last! After I get home, I go upstairs and use the “facilities”. Some how I seem to have twisted wrong and as I leave the upstairs facilities, my leg pain comes back with a vengeance! The pain in my back is back and I can hardly walk! I make it down stairs and sit in my recliner and once again the pain in my thigh has returned!

I can’t believe this. After 10 sessions, half of my visits completed, I barely feel better that I did when I started! Oh, yeah, I’ve had some good moments but I still can’t walk around the house pain free and I hurt. This is not good!

I don’t have another chiropractic session until next Monday. That’s 5 days away. I wonder what condition I’ll be in by then but it doesn’t seem like I’ll be in very good shape. I have 10 more session although they are now scheduled for every other day.

For the first time, I’m not confident that this treatment is going to rid me of my pain!