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In 2013, I found a hobby that got me away from sitting in front of the TV all day.  It also gave me something to do with my hands.  That hobby was tying paracord bracelets, dog collars, key chains, and anything else that can be covered by a paracord knot.

I made my first one free-hand.  In other words I didn’t use a jig because I didn’t know they existed.  I soon found out that tying them with a jig was much faster and a lot easier on my hands.  So, I bought a rather small jig from some place on the Internet.  It worked fine for awhile and I made a lot of paracord bracelets with that small, ordinary jig.  The I found MrCoop’s Youtube Site!

Let me say, if you want to make paracord stuff, you got to visit MrCoop’s Youtube site.  He has excellent videos on how to tie just about every paracord knot I know of and probably a lot more.  I learned everything I have ever done with paracord by watching his videos.

He also sells hand-made paracord jigs that are the best on the market.  I know because I’ve got two of them!

This page is some of my work since 2013.  I’m not showing you how to make these because MrCoop does a much better job than I could.  I got carried away.  I’ve made so many paracord bracelets and other stuff that I have no more space to keep them.  I wish I could sell them but that’s where I get lazy.  So, I’ve had to stop doing paracords for awhile.

For Patty Rebel, my Daugher-in-Law, by request.

Turned out pretty good but I think it could be made differently. This is a copy of a product you can see www.finderskeeper.... I don't sell these and make no money off of this but the material is out there for others to buy if they have the knowledge of how to put one together. The skate charms are my own touch. Now, I hope it fits!!!
Skater watch 1
Snake knot with Skulls

Kind of a simple little handmade bracelet. I didn't use the jig with this since you slip on the skulls as you go. Variations is the way you face the skulls.
Harley Davidson Paracord

New paracord - Harley. I found this on It's a pretty good resemblance to the Harley colors and makes some notable bracelets as shown here. I think I like the double-wide cobra best.
Harley four
Watch with Cobra Knot Band

Not extremely hard to do. This one has a traditional buckle. The hardest part is getting the size right for the person your making it for. Almost need them by your side while it's made!
Watch different view
Conquistador Watch Band

Maybe not the best that's ever been done, but it doesn't look too bad. I used an adjustable velcro buckle I got from This is pretty easy to do. You do have to decide how wide you want the bracelet. Could be wider or narrower. I used about 10 ft of #395 paracord.
2014-04-10 16.34.12
Solomon's Dragon

I like this knot. It's easy to tie and allows for three colors. Here, I'm trying to use the colors for the NBA Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team. This is not a thick bracelet but does take a little more time to make.
Solomon's Dragon
OKC Thunder, anyone?

I'm a Spurs fan, but I'm on vacation in Oklahoma so I tried out this Solomon's Dragon knot. I think I got the Thunder colors right. This knot isn't very hard to do and looks pretty good.
Thunder Bracelete and People
Hanging Bridge

I don't know about this name. It's not one I would have picked but that's what calls it. Nothing special about this other than it uses four cores, I believe. You should go long on the inside primary color (yellow) and about normal for the border color. I also believe the outside core is not tied until the very last.
Hanging Bridge
Crossed Half Hitch

I'm not exactly sure of the name of this one. I made it from a video on Facebook; now I can't find it nor the name. It's pretty easy to make and looks good on. It is very, very wide although not thick. In the right colors, I think girls and women would like this best. But what do I know!!!
Hatched half hitch
Belly Fishtail

Ok, I didn't name it. I thought this might be hard to make since the tutorial had six cores for this thing. Turns out that wasn't a big deal after all. It kind of looks like a big tractor tire. This is pretty easy to make and takes just a little more cord than usual. I haven't quite figure out how to get a color on the outside and a different on one then inside. That will be next.
Belly Fishtail
Wide Dragon's Tongue

Can't believe I don't have this one posted yet. I know I made one or two before. It makes a nice wide bracelet that's pretty soft and pliable. Doesn't take any more cord than normal. Not hard to make I just don't make very many. I think the effect would look different on a small bracelet.
Wide Dragon's Tongue
Crossed Chained Sennett

Got carried away the other day. I was planning on just making one of these with a metal buckle. I did that but then got busy on a few more. The gold and blue is the one I used to wear but now I have one with a metal buckle. Not hard to make and doesn't take any more cord than usual.
Crossed Chained Sinnet 3
Icelandic Dream Bar!

Now this is a pretty fancy knot although it's not that hard to tie. I am just terrible at getting good combinations of three colors together!!! The one on the bottom is just a horrible color combination. I'm going to give this one some more tries but with some better color combos. I hope!
Icelandic Dream Bar
Chained Mail Endless Falls

I kind of like making these although they are a slight pain. This one has only one color but you still have about six cords you're tying as you build it. I sometimes don't get the colors right and this one might not appeal to all but I think it's OK.
Chained Mail Endless Falls Fav
Ascending Cobra?

I don't know why this is called by that name. It's not much more than a normal cobra knot with a third piece of cord woven in. Not hard to make but doesn't do much for me. This will probably be the only one I make.
Asending Solomon
Chained mail Endless Falls

A very interesting bracelet. This makes for a thick bracelet. It's not very hard to tie but you have to pay attention since you're working with six different cords as you go down the bracelet. I need to get some lighter colors. I don't especially like the color combinations I have here but they will do. I will probably be making a few more bracelets like these since it's not very hard and the bracelets feel good when worn.
Chainedmail Endless Falls
Solomon's Dragon this time in a single wide bracelet.

Again, the blue is really, really dark blue. I think Dallas Cowboy fans would go for this since it ties in all three colors pretty good. Oh, and the OU thing it in the corner just gives the photo some "class".
Dallas Cowboys 3
Double-wide Solomon's Dragon!

This time in supposedly dark blue, grey and white. Dallas Cowboys fan should like this if they like the dark blue. It almost looks black but compare to black, it's definitely blue. This is different in that it's a double-wide Solomon's Dragon which I don't think has been done too often. Most Solomon's Dragons are only single wide. Not hard to make but you have six cords to fiddle with. Get's a little confusing.
Dallas Cowboys 1
Crossed Chained Sinnet

The colors are gold and brown although you can't really tell what they are from this photo. Not sure if it's just my lousy phone camera or the lousy picture taker! Not especially difficult to tie but it is one you have to pay attention to. Learned this from Mr. Coop.
Crossed Chain Sinnett
Basic Corbra Knot in Army Camouflage

This is a single cobra knot in Army green camo. This cobra knot is the most commonly used knot in making paracord bracelets. Most of the paracord bracelets will be make exactly like this one but in different sizes and colors. There are thousands of colors of paracord. Believe me, when I say that, because I've bought most all of them!
Army green 4
Piranha Tooth Knot

Piranha tooth in blue camo and yellow. Very interesting.
Dragon's Teeth silver yellow
Piranha Teeth Knot

Here's another Piranha tooth/teeth bracelet. I kind of liked this blue and silver version.
Light blue silver
Purple and Yellow Cobra Knot

Well, I had the colors so I put them together. Didn't realize I was making a Lakers paracord bracelet. A friend said his Nephew was going crazy about this bracelet and now I need to make one in his size. Lakers...booo!
Purple and yellow
Stars and Stripes Cobra Knot

Here's one for all you Patriots out there. Stars and Stripes paracord bracelet. It's best seen at a distance. This is kind of a closeup so you really can't see the full effect of the red, white and blue woven into the paracord.
Stars and stripes
Yellow Cobra Knot

Yeap, this is yellow! While it goes great mixed with other colors, it's not so great by itself unless you really, really like yellow. Might be good for runners but they do have paracord in neon colors.
Sanctify Knot

This is a real solid knot. It's not real hard to do but it is time consuming. I made this for my wrist which is 8-1/4. I set my jig to 9-1/4. I used 5 feet of each color in a two color core and then make two complete cores. So, I used 20 feet of paracord; 5 feet of red, 5 feet of black and again, 5 feet of red and 5 feet of black. I will do this one again since it is fairly easy, doesn't take real long but is tiring to do (that's just a comment for me).
Scantify Knot Bracelet
Dragon's Tooth

Now this is a different knot. It's called a Dragon's Tooth knot. Notice how the brown weaves from one side to the other very pronounced. It is different from the Piranha tooth knot.
Dragon's Tooth red
Oak Spike Sinnett

Now here's an interesting bracelet. It's called an Oak Spike Sinnett bracelet. I don't know where the names come from but I'm not making them up. Real complicated knot, that's for sure. I think this is the only one I have made.
Oak Sinnet yellow
Purple Camo Cobra Knot

This is just a strange color; purple camo? Where or who would ever need purple camo? Well, it was available so I bought 100 feet and now I've got to use it!
Purple camo
Silver and blue Camo

Not a bad combination in a regular cobra knot paracord bracelet.
Silver blue camo
Thin-Line with Corbra Knot

I do make these for ladies. I have a bunch in hot pink, I just don't have any pictures of them. Here's one in white with a thin-line of pink camo. Yeah, there is a color called pink camo.
White pink thin line
Black with Blue Camo Piranha Tooth Knot

This is the second knot I learned to tie. It's pretty simple but looks great with different colors.
Blue camo black
Ladder Rack Knot in Blue and White

It makes for a very solid bracelet. it's almost square and very thick. I believe this is the only one of this type I made because it's really tedious!
Ladder Rack
Boomer Sooners!

We'll if you don't know what this one is, then shame on you. My personal OU thin-line bracelet in crimson and, uh, white! They don't make a cream paracord believe it or not. The little medallion is a shoe lace thing and isn't cheap. That's why there are only two of these in existence!
OU crimson cream
Rebel Corbra Knot

This color is called Rebel! I got it and made a few bracelets with it for Patricia, my beautiful daughter-in-law and Travis' wife. She's Patty Rebel #88 on the Roller Derby rink where she scares the daylights out of her opponents!
Vietnam Cobra Knot

Here's a very strange bracelet. It's made from a paracord called Vietnam! Since I was there once, I decided I'd make a bracelet in memory of my far distance past. Now I'm stuck with 80 more feet of this color!
Piranha Tooth Knot

Bracelet in camo and red.Cam
Camo and Red Piranha Tooth
Just Another Cobra Knot

Another cobra knot bracelet in camo and light blue.
Light blue blue camo
Piranha Tooth in Black and Red

This is one of my favorites and one I wear a lot. It's a Piranha tooth/teeth knot in black and red. The red really stands out. I think this was probably the second bracelet I made.
Parana tooth black red
Thin-line Cobra Knot

Yeah, this is different. These are two of the same kind, thin-line cobra knot bracelets. The black with the blue thin line is for the police while the black and red thin line is for the firemen. They look pretty good and are fairly easy to make.
Thin line red blue
Cobbled Solomon Bar

This is a new one that l just saw yesterday. I used six (6) feet of dark blue but that wasn't near enough. On the other hand, I had about two feet too much of the light blue. I originally was going to make an 8-1/4 bracelet but had to move it down to 8 inch. One I shortened the bracelet, it worked. Pretty simple knot and easy to make.
Cobbled Solomon Bar
Double Cobra Knot

Army double cobra knot. About 20 feet of paracord plus a buckle.
Army double cobra 2
Trilobite Knot

I think. I can't actually remember what this was but it's somewhere on YouTube. Surprisingly, this comes out very soft.
Army green 1
Another Double Cobra

Double cobra knot with dark green and camo paracord. Again, about 20 feet of paracord in this bracelet.
Army double cobra
Double Cobra in Army Camouflage

Another double cobra knot paracord bracelet. This one is with OD green and Army green camo in the main part. And again, this is about 20 feet of paracord.
Army green 3
Trilobite or Jagged Ladder Rack

I used a total of 12 feet in the below bracelet for a 8-1/4" wrist (jig set at 9-1/4”). My jig must have slipped the first time because I ran short the first time I did this but I tightened everything up and did it again and it worked! The buckle is only a 3/8 but since it’s only a singe core, you can’t really use a 5/8 which is about the width of this bracelet. This is pretty strenuous and tiring. Watch the video to see how it’s done.
Trilobite or Jagged Ladder Rack
Modified Caged Solomon Bar

This one is pretty easy. It's really just a cobra knot with a second piece worked into the middle. I used 10 feet of pink for the Core and eight feet for the second piece. I could have used only four feet for the second piece and about a foot less for the core .
Modified Caged Solomon Bar
Alligator Back

Or something like that. I've seen this on a few Facebook pages. My version really sucks! I don't like this at all. I might just take this apart and do something useful with the cord!
Alligator Back
Modified Caged Solomon Bar

This is about the ugliest bracelet I have ever made. I'm not sure why I put these colors together but I wouldn't be caught dead wearing this thing! I think it's got red camo, green camo and yellow. Almost ugly enough for me to take it apart and re-use the cord!
Modified Caged Solomon Yellow Green and Red Camo
Heavenly Feather

Ok, this is kind of a weird knot. It’s started just like any other knot having a two-strand core. You join two colors like normal. There isn’t a video that I know of but there are some single shots showing how to tie this bracelet. It makes a really thin bracelet! That’s surprising. I used 12 feet of each color joining them as normal. This is more than my usual 10” feet and I had no problem getting one made to my size 8-1/4".
Heavenly Feather
The Conquistador Knot

This makes a really nice bracelet, It's done free-hand, i.e., no jig. It used about 20 feet of paracord and a 1" buckle. I could probably have cut the cord down to 15 feet. You could use a smaller buckle but I wouldn't go much smaller than 5/8". Makes a soft bracelet.
Conquistador Bracelets
Modified Crooked River

These are normally two color bracelets. I used 5 feet of each color as usual. I think these are all 8 - 1/2 inch bracelets.
Modified Crooked River Knot
Various Bracelets

Got some teal and gold the other day at the Army Surplus store. I’ve had the greens but just never thought to put them together until now. Some of these are copied from the Survival Straps web site. Sure wish I could sell mine for the prices they seem to get.
Various bracelets
More Various Bracelets

Just a few bracelets I made on a day I didn't have much else to do. I'm collecting quite a bunch of these now.
Various cobras - 2
Again, some more bracelets I put together. Nothing special except they are fun to make.Various cobras


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