A New Beginning!


It’s about time I started this blog over since I haven’t really been keeping it up to date. These days, I do most of my blogging on my Science Fiction Book Portal website. I’ve been reading a lot of sci-fi books and I try to write a review on Amazon, Goodreads and my own website. That keeps me pretty busy as far as updating and posting new stuff.

I’ve also sold my Paracord hobby. I just made too many paracord bracelets and other stuff and I wasn’t selling any of it. So, I put an ad on Craigslist asking $625 for everything and I had a lot to sell. I got an email reply a few days later and a guy asked if he could come out and look at what I had. I said sure, so he and his wife showed up one day. I dragged everything out onto the counter in the kitchen. I don’t think they knew how much stuff I was really selling.

Anyway, he was wanting to get into a new hobby so I showed him how to tie the basic knot and he bought the whole thing. I helped him load up everything into his truck and they took off. That was the end of that.

So, what am I doing now. Well, other than reading lots of science fiction books, I’ve gotten into shooting. Yeah, after not doing anything with guns, pistols or the such for most all my life, I’ve recently picked up quite a few pistols and have been shooting frequently. I think I’ll write some about the collection I have already accumulated. It’s surprising how quickly I got a collection of very nice pistols, but I did and I really like all of them, well most of them.

I’m going to archive most of the posts about my paracord stuff, I’ll also archive “Our House” posts. They’ll still be available, but you’ll have to work a little to find them. I need to re-energize “All My Gadgets” and start “Shooting Stuff” as a new topic. “A Day in the Life…” will also be re-energized, but that depends on me doing something worthwhile on a regular basis.

Ok, so on with updating this website. I hope you enjoy the changes.